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This wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you set out to find love on a run. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner,...
In an epic prank, a fake cat was positioned along the iMfolozi Outrun race course in South Africa. Runners were surprised by a fake...
He had to crawl to rescue. An Australian hiker has been rescued after falling 20 feet into a waterfall, breaking his wrist and his leg....
  A British runner recently broke a world record for amount of miles run on a treadmill, but here’s what he really put his body...
Following their incredible journey to the New York City Marathon in November, competition winners Iain McLaren and Rachel Lewis tell us all about their marathon effort.
“Running is more than a sport or a form of exercise, a passion or a pastime. It’s about identity.”
She lost her vision, but not her desire to run. Now she’s able to again.
It can be hard to stop pushing something we love onto others. But there are times when that’s exactly what we need to do.
How to avoid unnecessary rage while training or use it to fuel your performance.
Angus O’Loughlin - This Radio Host and his “adorable” running buddy.

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