The best reusable coffee cups for run-commuting or grabbing that socially distanced drink

Because runners want to look after the planet, too

Whether you’re training for your first marathon and have taken up run-commuting (those of you who still go to the office) to get your weekly miles done, or would just rather run to work than take the bus nowadays, we understand the struggles of trying to fit everything into your running backpack. While there are a few run-commuting tips to make things easier (have a pair of shoes you can leave under your desk at work, as they can be bulky, and leave your laptop in the office, as it’s far too heavy to run with), there are often a few essentials you’ll inevitably end up carrying to and fro.

One of these is your reusable coffee cup. Sure, you want to do your bit for the environment and save 50p in Pret by using a reusable coffee cup, but which will be best to run to work with? To make sure you can still enjoy your postrun coffee, we’ve rounded up the best reusable coffee cups that won’t weigh you down or take up too much space in your bag. Of course, it goes without saying that we recommend that you finish your run before filling the cup with hot liquids, and ensure you’ve washed the cup out before putting it back in your bag for your run home.


KeepCup 8oz Reusable Coffee Cup

A smaller version of the popular KeepCup, this plastic cup is light and not bulky in your backpack. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe and is made in the UK. Designed like a coffee takeaway cup, it isn’t leak-proof; be sure to wash it out before you run home. 


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight


  • Isn’t leak-proof


KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup

If the small cup doesn’t work for you (latte lovers, we’re looking at you), the slightly larger KeepCup is still light in your backpack and not too bulky. 


  • Better for those needing a bigger coffee hit
  • Light
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe


  • It does leak


Stojo On The Go Coffee Cup

This ticks all the boxes when it comes to a run-commuting reusable coffee cup. It folds away small enough for you to fit in a side pocket on your backpack, it’s leakproof and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes, and a number of colours, you can’t go wrong. 


  • Collapsible when you’re not using it
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • It’s really good at keeping your coffee warm
  • It’s slip free, so won’t fall out of your backpack as you move
  • Three different size coffee cups in one


  • Does leak slightly if it’s not empty
  • It’s heavier than other options for run-commuting



The first reusable coffee cup to be made from throwaway coffee cups, the rCup is designed to be 100% leak-proof, so don’t worry if there are a few coffee dregs at the bottom of your mug for the run home. The simple one-handed open and close mechanism and the 360-degree drinking make this a good choice. 


  • The leak-proof design is handy
  • Unlike the plastic cups, this is insulated, so will keep your drink warm as you shower


  • It is a little heavier than the plastic options


Hydro Flask 12 oz

It might be a bit heavier than some of the others on this list, but if you’re someone who struggles to drink your coffee before it goes cold, this is a good choice. It’ll keep your drink hot for up to six hours and your water cold for 24. It’s also ‘slip free’, so it shouldn’t fall out of the water bottle holder on your backpack as you run.


  • Keeps your coffee hot (or water cool)
  • Non-slip design


  • A little on the heavy side
  • An expensive option


Pokito Collapsible Coffee Cup

Similar to the Stojo cup, this coffee cup completely collapses into a third of it’s size, making it great for runners who are short on space. The main difference here is that the Pokito cup is three cups in one, and can be popped into a 16oz, 12oz, or 8oz mug, depending on how much coffee you need to wake you up. 


  • Collapses to save space when not in use
  • Three adjustable size options


Chilly’s Insulated Coffee Cup

If you’re after a reusable mug that will look beautiful on your desk at work, Chilly’s insulated coffee cups are some of the nicest looking reusable mugs on the market. They might be a bit heavier than the plastic varieties, but they are made from food grade stainless steel, that will keep your coffee warm for hours. 


  • Thick, forgiving midsole
  • Grippy Vibram outsole


  • It’s heavier to carry in your backpack
  • It’s not leak-proof

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