Say hello to your new go-to breakfast. For runners, getting enough protein in your diet is important. Protein can help with recovery and you’ll want to make sure...
A speedy weeknight dinner. Nutrition can get so overcomplicated, with specialist ingredients and confusing, often seemingly contradictory, science. The recipe here, taken from my book Cook,...
The former University of Oregon runner and popular food blogger shares what she typically eats to fuel a day of training. Like many teenagers, Emma...
Ramp up your diet to fend off sick days.
Training for a marathon? Looking to lose a few kilos? Cutting out meat? Here's are some of the best recipes we’ve ever published.
These easy, creative recipes mix high-fibre fruit with yoghurt or milk, which adds fat and protein to keep you feeling full.
An ideal day based on The Runner's World Cookbook
Beat the heat and stay hydrated with these healthy meals served cold. No one wants to face a stove before or after a hot run....
Trying to lose weight? You don't have to live on chicken breasts and broccoli
No matter your dietary restrictions, there’s a 'magic meal' to power you through your morning workout. Find it here.

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