20 Local Australian and New Zealand Run Clubs

A collage of the wonderful run clubs included in this article.

It’s been proven time and time over that running with a group promotes connection. Whether it be a cheery, slightly out of breath chat you have with the runner next to you, or a red-faced catch-up over a frothy latte post-run, bonds are created.

Not only are bonds created, but goals are smashed and achievements celebrated. If you’re looking for some extra motivation or accountability in your running journey, consider joining a run club.

We had a wonderful time speaking with 20 Australian and New Zealand Run Clubs. Although each group have a different perspective on running and life, they all emphasise that their favourite part about running together is the supportive community created by every single one of their members.

Take a look at these incredible Run Clubs below.

1. Sunday Runday – Melbourne, Naarm

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Sunday Run – 6:15 AM (10 kilometre optional pre-run) and 7 AM (5-10 kilometre run – choose your distance!) at Top Paddock Cafe, Richmond or Sandbar Cafe, Middle Park Beach. Keep an eye on the Sunday Runday Instagram page for the coming week’s location.
  • Summer Pasta Run (How amazing!?) – Wednesdays once a month at 6 PM. Meet at Pasta Prego, Chapel Street. The monthly schedule can be found on Instagram.
  • Winter Pub Run – we can’t wait to hear more about this one!
Great turnout in Richmond for Sunday Runday
What three words best describe Sunday Runday?

In 2023, with the intention of carving out a Sunday morning ritual open to anyone, Stephanie O’Reilly founded Sunday Runday. The group has quickly evolved to become a community of 50 passionate runners who start each Sunday with a run followed by coffee.

Who is Sunday Runday for? Sunday Runday often attracts those who are new to Melbourne and are looking to make friends, or travelers who want a friendly running group to join whilst they are in town. Not to mention Pasta enthusiasts.

With an out and back route, each individual can decide their own pace and distance, meaning people of all running abilities can join in the Sunday Runday fun. Oh, and pets are welcome too!

Where to find Sunday Runday: Instagram

Founder of Sunday Runday, Stephanie O’Reilly
The club rocking their new merchandise
The crew at a Sunday Runday Pasta Prego run

2. Pace Yourself Run Club – Sydney, Warrane

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Saturday Run – 8AM at Centennial Park, at the Homestead Cafe Steps. The group run one lap of Centennial Park which is approximately 3.5km, at your own pace (of course).
An epic team photo.
What three words best describe Pace Yourself Run Club?

Run Clubs, we must acknowledge, can be intimidating. The aptly named Pace Yourself Run Club endeavors to make all feel welcome, regardless of ability.

Founded by Alex Barbas with the intention to celebrate movement, at Pace Yourself, the chatter never stops.

We think it’s heartwarming that with members from across the globe, Pace Yourself champions inclusivity and unites people across all life experiences.

Who is Pace Yourself Run Club for? Emphasising that it’s about more than the run, (like the post-run coffee catch up!) Pace Yourself Run Club welcomes everyone to join in for their 3.5 km run!

Where to find Pace Yourself Run Club: Instagram

What a smiley photo! Founder Alex Barbas is in the front row, on the far left.
The funky Pace Yourself Run Club logo.

3. Perth Run Collective – Perth, Boorloo

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Track Tuesday – 5:45 PM. The group meet at Subiaco Physiotherapy and run a variety of interval based efforts.
  • Sunday Social – 7:30AM in summer and 8AM in winter. The group meet at Clarko Reserve, Trigg. Aptly named, this run is all about meeting new people and catching up with friends – it’s a choose your own adventure moment with varying distances and paces each week. The group have a tradition of a post-run coffee catch up and an ocean dip! (You’re brave in the winter, PRC!)
  • Special Events – Excitingly, PRC host occasional trail runs, beach runs, relay races, charity runs, fitness events and workshops. These special events are announced on their Instagram.
Stunning weather for the team’s Sunday Social run
What three words best describe Perth Run Collective?

For six-star world major finisher and legacy Lululemon ambassador, Kat Ackroyd, running is a way of life. When she founded Perth Run Collective in 2015, Kat did it with the goal to grow a community of like-minded people who challenge themselves and celebrate their achievements together. Almost nine years on, Perth Run Collective is led by Dave Dawes, Roxy Visser, Dylan Nash, Nic Jones, Sam Gray and Kris Hailes. The club is thriving.

From the beginning, Perth Run Collective has had a strong focus on community and consistency, meaning rain, hail or shine, they get out there!

Hard to describe, but easy to feel, the PRC bond gives members a sense of purpose and motivation which translates into their daily lives.

Who is Perth Run Collective for? With members of all ages, backgrounds and fitness abilities, everyone is welcome at PRC. Bring an open mind and a big smile, and you’ll be set.

Where to find Perth Run Collective: Instagram

Run leaders, Sam (top left), Dave, Nic and Dylan (top right), Kris (bottom left) and Roxy (bottom right)
Track Tuesday turn out!
Run activations

4. Oliver Hill Run Club – Frankston, Boonwurrung Country, Melbourne

Cost? Free (but bring some money for a coffee at Little Oly’s post-run!)

What runs do you offer?

  • Oliver’s Hill – Meet at the base of Oliver’s Hill Frankston at 5:15AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and 7AM on Saturdays. There’s no program, so sometimes people run, sometimes walk, and sometimes simply socialise! Stretching out 460m from the bottom to the top, the challenge is what you make it. After 45 minutes of movement, the team race into the ocean for a 9 minute dip, signifying the 9 deaths lost a day to suicide in Australia.
The wonderful group on an early morning.
What three words best describe Olivers Hill Run Club?

Oliver’s Hill Run Club was created with heart by Connor Sahely in 2023, after news of an attack on a woman running solo at night prompted conversation with his female friends.

Saddened to learn that many of his female friends were too afraid of running alone in the dark, Connor set out to carve a safe space for all runners in the shape of Oliver’s Hill, which the group scale four times a week.

Connor has, along with the lovely club members, created a wonderful and supportive community in Melbourne’s Bayside.

Who is Oliver’s Hill Run Club for? The beauty of Oliver’s Hill Run Club is that there’s no way to be left behind – whether you complete 1 lap or 20, you’re always surrounded by your fellow run clubbers. With members as young as 5 and as old as 76, there’s a place for everyone, especially when united by the same cause.

Where to find Oliver’s Hill Run Club: Instagram

Founder, Connor Sahely
The group looking great together.
A cold dip for those affected by suicide.

5. 261 Fearless Club NZ – Across NZ

(Auckland, Ruapehu (central North Island), Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch, NZ)

Cost? $26.10 NZD annually

What runs do you offer?

  • The group offer a mixture of weekday and weekend runs. Head to their website for the schedule.
  • The 261 Fearless trainers create a one-hour session that can include warm-ups, fun running or strength-based games, drills and a social run. The sessions are tailored to the women who are attending and is intended to be inclusive of all abilities.
A gorgeous Autumnal run.
What three words best describe 261 Fearless?

Cast your mind back to 1967, when Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. Horrifically, Kathrine was assaulted by the race director for simply being on the course as a woman. Fearlessly, Kathrine finished the race wearing bib number 261, which she went on to use as an emblem to champion women’s running across the globe.

Along with Edith Zuchmann, the pair founded 261 Fearless in the US in 2015, with the intention to create a global women’s running network which helps women find their 261 Fearless moment.

The New Zealand chapter of the run club was launched in 2018, and is directed by Kathrine Switzer and Kate Southern, who appreciates that there’s nothing like running with a strong group of women who feel safe and supported to share what’s at heart.

Who is 261 Fearless for? Women over the age of 18 of all abilities are warmly welcome to run with 261 Fearless. The group are not about training women to run fast marathons, instead they are all about having fun with like-minded women.

Where to find 261 Fearless Club NZ: Website , Instagram and FaceBook

261 Fearless NZ directors, Kathrine Switzer (left) and Kate Southern (right).
Nothing like a post-run water fight! We love this.

6. Knockoffs Run Club – Hobart, Nipaluna

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Thursday Runs – 6PM. The group meet at Room For A Pony, North Hobart and complete a 40 minute run together.
  • Track Tuesdays – 5:30AM. The group run a 40 minute interval session. Locations are announced on the Knockoffs Instagram.
  • Sunday Trail Runs – 8AM. Spend the last Sunday of each month with Knockoffs, tackling a 60 minute trail run! Locations are announced on the Knockoffs Instagram.
The group at pride 2024!
Which three words best describe Knockoffs Run Club?

Knock off work at 5 and your day has just begun – the crew in Hobart want you to join them for a run.

Brainchild of Andy Goyen, Knockoffs run club has one mission – to make running fun.

What began in 2020 as a small group of healthcare workers who shared a passion for running has grown to welcome members from all walks of life.

On a Thursday night, you’ll find Tassie’s best runners mixing with social joggers and first timers, brought together by the encouraging Knockoffs energy.

Who is Knockoffs Run Club for? Those of any age who are keen to connect with a running community and get out there!

Where to find Knockoffs Run Club: Instagram

Clockwise from back left: Andy, Aleem, Joe, Pete, Eleanor, Heather, Eloise, Jordan, Renee, Amy (Santa Hat), Jimmy
We love a Run Club dog! The team looking great at their Sunday Run
Smiling faces at the Tuesday Run

7. RTB Run Club – Melbourne, Naarm

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

RTB runs three sessions a week. Refer to the RTB Instagram for more information.

  • Turbo Tuesday – 6PM with the location TBC. The sessions are a mixture of tempo/threshold track sessions and hill sessions, with the specific program changing week to week.
  • Track Thursday – 5:30AM, Ringwood Athletics Track
  • Saturday Social – 6:30AM, Mullum Mullum Stadium. This run is done at a conversational pace.
  • Upcoming – the Slow Long Run. RTB will offer a slow long run in preparation for the Gold Coast & Melbourne Marathons.
Cheering after a Turbo Tuesday workout with the crew.
What three words best describe RTB?

Passionate about creating a space for people to catch-up away from drinking environments, mental health advocates Jack and Mollie are of the belief that movement should always be celebrated.

Not only is movement celebrated at RTB, but each new attendee. Inauguration into the club is sealed with a cheery handshake, a picture uploaded to the group’s Instagram, and a membership number – which, at the time of writing, is over 600!

With the group leaders as your coaches and the program predetermined, the RTB track sessions offer a level of training session you scarcely find for free.

We think this is a pretty significant drawcard, but Jack and Mollie emphasise that even more special than the sessions they offer is the community that has been created by all of the RTB members.

Who is RTB for? We recommend beginners start with the Saturday Social run before taking the splash into the Turbo Tuesday or Track Thursday sessions.

Where to find RTB: Instagram

Founders and siblings, Jack and Mollie Burke
The team down at the track
The smiley crew at their Saturday Social run. How cute are those pups too?

8. SoSo’s Run Club – Brisbane, Meanjin

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Saturday Morning – 6AM, Waterfront Park, Newstead. The team run up to 5km.
  • Fishbowl Run (Yes please!) – 6PM, every second Wednesday in South Brisbane. The team celebrate a 30-minute run with a delicious Fishbowl meal!

For more information and specific directions, SoSo’s post a monthly timetable on their Instagram page.

The wonderful SoSo’s crew!
What three words best describe SoSo’s?

Best friends Sophie Rindfleish and Sofie Spelta have always loved running together. When the social-media-savvy pair began posting their runs, they made a challenging thing look, quite simply, fun! More and more people kept asking to join them for a run, and the rest is history.

At SoSo’s, there is an emphasis on community. The friendships and connection Sophie and Sofie has seen as a result of their run club has been inspiring.

On their favourite thing about running together, SoSo’s said cheekily, “We have fun! If you think the ‘runner’s high’ feels good, you should feel the SoSo’s high!”

We’ll have to join you for a run if we’re ever in Brisbane, SoSo’s.

Who is SoSo’s for? With a fun, social atmosphere and a distance of up to 5km, you are invited to enjoy a run at your own pace with SoSo’s.

Where to find SoSo’s run club: Instagram and Website (sososrunclub.com)

So So’s co founders, Sophie and Sofie
So So’s members posing with So So’s merchandise!
A large turnout for the So So’s Christmas run (can you spot Father Christmas?)

9. Perth Front Runner’s – Perth, Boorloo

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Saturdays – 8AM at Zamia Cafe in Kings Park. There’s a briefing for newbies at 8AM and then a “stroll/roll/crap jog/run” (you make us laugh, Front Runner’s) for 30 minutes, before meeting back at the cafe for a great cappuccino and some socialising on the grass. The group have 3 km and 5 km routes which are extendable. The route features a long and winding hill, but, as the Perth Front Runner’s like to assure us, it’s a heartwarming hill rather than heartbreak. As you’re struggling up it you can always hear cheers of support.
  • The group offer long runs in the lead up to major city runs such as the City to Surf.
An amazing turn out for the group’s Saturday run
What three words best describe Perth Front Runner’s?

With humble beginnings in 1997, Perth Front Runner’s has always been a safe space for members of the LGTIQA+ community, aiming to bring people together through exercise.

In the early days of the club, life for the queer community in Perth was hard. Life member Anne recounts that many members would use pseudonyms when the club met. Combining their love of running with building connections with other LGBTQA+ people, Perth Front Runner’s has meant a lot to many.

Alongside Anne as life members are Paul and Bryan, who laid the foundations of Perth Front Runner’s and have watched it grow in numbers – these days, the group have 100 friends to run with each week!

Perth Front Runner’s acknowledge that for many LGBTQIA+ people, sport has been an isolating experience, and are motivated to bring the joy back into exercise for their community. Some members are new to sport entirely, as they have felt fearful of not fitting into traditional sporting stereotypes or have been forced to compete in the wrong gender identity category.

It’s inspiring to see the Perth Front Runner’s journey from inception to now, and how many lives they’ve touched for the better. We think their Saturday runs look like a blast!

Who is Perth Front Runner’s for? Perth Front Runner’s is a wonderful safe space for the LGBTIQA+ community and their allies. Whether you prefer to walk, jog or run, the Perth Front Runner’s welcome you with open arms. Being a supportive community, the group is excited to watch people progress on their fitness journey. If you have a “fur baby,” please don’t leave them at home, the Perth Front Runner’s would adore giving them a loving pat!

Where to find Perth Front Runner’s: Instagram More inclusive spaces: Sydney Front Runner’s , Melbourne Front Runner’s , Canberra Front Runner’s

Life Members Paul, Anne and Bryan when they were awarded life membership in 2021
The amazing team at their annual Pride Run & Walk in November 2023
Proudly waving the LGBTQIA+ flag at the Pride Run & Walk

10. La La’s Run Club – Sydney, Warrane

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Saturday Morning – 7:15AM at Centennial Park, Musgrave Avenue entrance. From there, the group runs 15 minutes up and back to finish where they began. Post run coffees are the fashion after the Saturday morning sessions.
  • Wednesday Evenings – 7PM at Centennial Park, Musgrave Avenue entrance. From there, the group runs 15 minutes up and back to finish where they began. We love that the group heads to the local pub, The Mill, for a club discount of 10% off. Cheers!
Members of Lala’s run club pose for a group shot before a run
What three words best describe Lala’s?

After making the leap across the pond from Scotland to sunny Sydney, Hilary McQuade struggled to find a run club that had all the things she was looking for – social, chill-paced and women’s-only. Her answer? Create her own. Lala’s was born in the second half of 2023, and has become a home away from home, not only for Hilary, but for many new Sydneysiders.

Hilary is proud that Lala’s has become a friendly, open community where everyone feels comfortable to have fun and be themselves.

Who is LaLa’s for? Lala’s is open to all women of any age who want to connect with like-minded people and love a good coffee, great chat and a bit of exercise.

Where to find Lala’s run club: Instagram

Founder of Lala’s run club, Hilary McQuade
Why the name Lala’s? “I took the middle letters of my name (la) and thought Lala’s sounded cute, fun and girly.”

11. Croissant Run Club – Melbourne, Naarm

Cost? Free to run and chat, optional (but heavily endorsed) Croissant at your own cost.

What runs do you offer?

  • Saturday Morning Standard – 9:30AM. The group run around 5 km. Location changes each week but the club have a few core favourites including Albert Park, Fawkner Park, The Tan and Elwood Beach.
  • Saturday Morning Long Run – 8:15AM. The group run 10km at a 6 minute/km pace and rejoin fellow Croissanter’s at 9:30AM.
Too many Croissant Run Clubbers, they won’t fit in this picture! The group is booming.
What three words best describe Croissant run club?

What better motivation to run than a warm, flakey, buttery croissant! Caoimhe Conroy and Dave Barrett, co-captains of Croissant Run Club Melbourne, endeavor to take the pressure out of running, focusing not on distance or time, but fun.

The most effective way to do this involved mastering the post-run celebration.

Congregating after their run at assorted Melbourne cafes, the group are friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic. We heard many an Irish accent amongst the bustle for coffee orders and were met with only the warmest of smiles.

From humble beginnings in July 2023 with 12 members, Croissant Run Club Melbourne now hosts over 140 running and pastry enthusiasts a week.

Founded by Tara Gallagher in the UK, Croissant Run Clubs are popping up all across the globe, so be sure to look out for your local group or be in touch with @TaraGFit to start your own.

Who is Croissant Run Club Melbourne for? Truly anyone who can run 5K. The absence of judgement made for a wholly supportive and inclusive atmosphere, so whether you’re a pain au chocolat kind of person, or more almond croissant, there’s a space at Croissant Run Club for you.

Where to find Croissant Run Club: Instagram , Youtube

Co-captains Dave Barrett, left, and Caoimhe Conroy, third from left, with friends and members
The group out on a sunny Saturday for a fun run followed by a delicious pastry.
Loyal croissant champion, Eric Allen

12. Run 4 Aukland – Aukland, (Tāmaki Makaurau)

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Sunday run – 8:45 AM. The team meet at Victoria Park, and run between 5km and 7km at three different paces.
  • Special runs – around 4 or 5 times a year, Run 4 Aukland organises a run with a twist! These have included treasure hunts, trails, yoga and run, run and ice bath, and many more… we love this creativity and will be keeping an eye out ourselves!
An impressive team turn-out
What three words best describe Run 4 Aukland?

In 2018, when a close friend of Diego Silveira learnt that her daughter was deaf, she dedicated her life to securing her a cochlear implant. After a year spent withdrawn from exercise, jumping straight back into gym was an intimidating task.

Diego founded Run 4 Aukland with his friend in mind, and the drive to create a judgement-free space for people anywhere in their fitness journey.

Today, Run 4 Aukland means connection. With leaders fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, English and Samoan, the group prides itself on bridging cultures and people.

Who is Run 4 Aukland for? With members from over 20 countries ranging from age 15 and 65 years old, Run 4 Aukland welcomes everyone. Their team of more than 10 means all fitness levels are accounted for, with the ability to guide and instruct all paces.

Where to find Run 4 Aukland: Instagram

Founder of Run 4 Aukland, Diego

13. Rapid Creek Track Club – Darwin, Garramilla

Cost? Membership is $60 for the year. For members who want to participate in regular track training sessions, there is a one-off annual track fee of $104 payable to NT Athletics.

What runs do you offer?

  • Tuesday mornings – 5:30AM, Marrara Athletics Track. These sessions can be as serious as you want them to be, but usually there’s a prescribed set that equates to about 5km. There’s no obligation to follow this – at most sessions the crew host a spectrum from beginner runners to those training for marathons.
  • Thursday evenings – 5:30PM, Marrara Athletics Track. (Same goes!)
  • Sunday long run – early. You have to beat the heat in Darwin! Follow the group’s Instagram for more information.
The group after Nightcliff park run.
What three words best describe Rapid Creek Track Club?

Rapid Creek Track Club offers Darwin runners the opportunity to train semi-seriously in a group environment. Psst, they are also the only run club in Darwin with after-hours track access!

Since the club is affiliated with Athletics NT, all members are insured through Athletics Australia and therefore have the opportunity to qualify to represent the Northern Territory in national Half Marathon and Marathon Championships.

The perfect place to improve your running and work towards your most aspirational goals, Rapid Creek Track Club are thankful for their sessions which take their mind of the sauna-like Darwin heat!

Who is Rapid Creek Track Club for? The club welcomes adults who are motivated to improve their running. You don’t need any experience to join – at any given session, they are true beginners to seasoned athletes present. For those looking for a purely social running club, Rapid Creek Track Club is not the best fit.

Where to find Rapid Creek Track Club: Instagram

Rapid Creek Track Club Committee: (Left to right) Brendan Ferguson, Ryan Doherty, Mick Fallon, Aimee Lane, Tim Hewitt, Bridget McGowan
Out on Marrara Athletics Track.

14. Her Run – Melbourne, Naarm

Cost? Currently free

What runs do you offer?

  • Saturday mornings – 9AM. The group meet with qualified coaches at a location which varies each week. Tune into Her Run’s Instagram for updates!
  • Tuesday Track – 7PM. Her Run also gathers at the Essendon Athletic tracks for regular sessions.
Her Run club take on the Wellness Run! Amazing.
What three words best describe Her Run Club?

Co-founder and President of Her Run Club, Amal Omar, feels passionately about the underrepresentation of women of colour in the running community.

Alongside former co-founder Asmahan Issak, this passion fueled their mission to create a beginner friendly, women’s only run club, and evolve their friend’s casual gathering into a running community driven by more than just physical fitness.

The team, including close friends Amran Ali, Riham Saleh, Eva Malaken, Abir Musa, Ziham Omar, Najla Mensur, Yasmin Mousa, Ife Adesina, Nyanbol, Hana Abdalla, Amna Hamid and Ayan Omar, drew inspiration from the warmth and inclusivity of the Crosbie Crew when shaping Her Run.

Offering more than long runs and track sessions, Her Run Club hosts discussion groups on topics including training, nutrition, weight stigma, women’s health and cultural and societal stigma surrounding women in sports. We think it’s incredible that Her Run Club provides a holistic approach to running, which engages with both the physical and mental.

Her Run Club has truly created a safe space for women to learn from each other, uplift each other, grow together, and thrive.

Who is Her Run Club for? Women of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities are warmly welcomed to Her Run Club. The group welcomes anyone seeking connection, empowerment, and a sense of belonging through running or walking.

Where to find Her Run Club: Instagram

Founder and president, Amal Omar (right) holding an inspiring sign.
The team down at the track.
A relaxing post-run yoga session.

15. Rise and Run Club – Cottesloe, Mudurup

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

Friday Mornings – 6AM. The team run out 20 minutes and then back to where they started, at Il Lido Cafe in Cottesloe. We love that the team hang out after for a cheeky swim and a coffee!

Sunday Mornings – 7AM. Every second Sunday the group meet for a long run of 10km or more. Don’t forget the obligatory swim and coffee post-run. This run is suited for those who can run 10km in around 60 minutes.

Coming soon – Wednesday evenings! This will be a monthly 15 minute run followed by a delicious dinner. We think this one sounds like the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

What a turnout under blue skies.
What three words best describe Rise and Run Club?

Led by her passion for running at only 21 years old, Nikki Martin founded Rise and Run Club – and carved out a space for like-minded individuals.

Nikki finds movement empowering, especially when paired with the high vibes and buzzing endorphins of a Rise and Run session. With ocean dips, coffee catch ups and flowing conversation, head down to Rise and Run to feel encouraged and reinvigorated.

Who is Rise and Run Club for? We recommend beginners or newbies start with the Friday morning session, which sounds like a great opportunity to make friends. The Sunday session is for those comfortable running 10km in 60 minutes.

Where to find Rise and Run Club: Instagram

Founder of Rise and Run Club, Nikki Martin!
The team joined forces with Movember for ‘More than a run.’
A sunny photo infront of Il Lido Coffee shop.

16. Run Clubby – Across Australia

Run Clubby HQ is in Melbourne, Naarm, VIC, but there are also groups in Sydney, Warrane, NSW and Perth, Boorloo, WA.

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • The group love to switch it up, so the best place to stay up to date with Run Clubby events is their Instagram. Some Melbourne favourites are The Tan, Point Ormond Lookout and Burnley Oval.
  • Most sessions are based on time, not distance – designed this way so everyone can finish together, despite ability.
What three words best describe Run Clubby?

After retiring from AFL in 2019, Dylan Buckley found a passion in running. Completing his first marathon in 2021, and announcing Clubby Sports in September 2023, the only rational next step was Run Clubby.

Self-deprecation is at the forefront of Run Clubby, who do not pride themselves on being the fastest or strongest runners. They want running to be about getting out, having a chat, smashing goals, but above all, enjoyment.

A great source of accountability, friendship and inspiration, Run Clubby goes far beyond the physical act of running – it has become a strong community and the foundations of many new friendships.

Who is Run Clubby for? Those that are keen to get out, about and moving!

Where to find Run Clubby: Instagram

Run Clubby founder, Dylan Buckley

17. Unofficial Run Club – Sydney, Warranne

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Friday City Run – Every Friday at 6:00AM from Bradfield Park, Milsons Point, underneath the Harbour Bridge. We recommend arriving early or catching public transport so you’re not left looking for a car park.
1000 people gather at the steps of Sydney Harbour Bridge on a Friday morning
What three words best describe Pace Yourself Run Club?

To be totally transparent, we reached out to Unofficial Run Club because of their dynamic Instagram page. Boasting 30.9K followers and obscene amounts of views, (2.1M of you would know what we’re talking about) we were intrigued.

With an irresistible route across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and around the Sydney Opera House, it’s understandable why this club is so Instagrammable.

Upon further investigation, it’s evident that there’s more to this Sydney run club than virality. Co-founders Chad Cohen, Josh Wainstein, Sam Dreyfus, Sarah Gellatly and Sander Dalhuisen form a core group of friends whose weekend get-together has transformed to welcome 1000 people a week.

They emphasise that the supportive nature of the run club is what they’re most proud of. It’s awesome to watch friends and strangers alike high-fiving their way through an epic run.

Although different to the charm of a small, boutique running club, Unofficial Run Club has a sensational energy which we think is unmatched.

Who is Unofficial Run Club for? Being that it’s a casual run at a conversational pace, and such a massive group, you’re bound to find someone to run with at your pace! It’s for those who enjoy a gorgeous view, and a post run coffee and chat.

Where to find Unofficial Run Club: Instagram

The five founders of the group
Soaking in those Opera House views
Excited runners on the Harbour Bridge

18. Femmi Run Community – Across Australia and NZ

Where? Where isn’t Femmi? The group have clubs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch and Mount Maunganui! Find your location here.

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Femmi Fridays – 6AM – 7AM (Meeting times differ in each location) Choose from either a 3-4km run or a 5-6km run at your own pace with the chatty team.
Cheering for Femmi Run Community.
What three words best describe Femmi Run Community?

Invented by best friends and elite runners Lydia O’Donnell and Esther Keown with an intense passion for women’s health at the centre, the Femmi Run Community is a powerful group.

This one is special to us – Runner’s World had the privilege of running with the Melbourne Femmi Community in February and spoke to co-founder Lydia O’Donnell all about Femmi’s mission.

It was truly inspiring to witness the safe space that Femmi is, and heartwarming to see (or hear – the chatter at Femmi never stops) the friendships that is has created.

Femmi is your home away from home – Lydia noted that whenever a member of Femmi travels, they are sure to attend the local Femmi Run Community when they can.

Who is Femmi Run Community for? Femmi’s warm welcome extends to women of all fitness abilities. If you’re keen to make new friends and have a great chat, we couldn’t recommend Femmi more.

Where to find Femmi Run Community: Website , Instagram

Co-founders and best friends, Lydia O’Donnell and Esther Keown
Everyone loves Femmi.
A massive turnout at Femmi Fridays.

19. The 440 Cottesloe – Cottesloe, Mudurup

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Saturday mornings – 5:55AM. The team meet at Indigo Oscar and run 15 minutes out and back. This is followed by a dip in the ocean and of course a frothy cappucino.
The group cheering for an early morning run.
What three words best describe 440 Cottesloe?

What begun in Bronte has expanded with 12-13 clubs across Australia and New Zealand – 440 Run Club is booming.

Finding a home in Cottesloe for over 5 years, the club operates with their mantra “your morning, your rules,” at heart.

This means that you’re welcome to join the group for their run, dip and sip – or any combination of these rituals.

Captain of the club, Luke, says that sometimes, people come simply to catch up over coffee, showcasing that 440 Cottesloe is an inclusive, pressure free zone.

Take your run and your morning at your own pace!

Who is 440 Cottesloe for? Anyone keen to meet new people and get outdoors.

Where to find 440 Cottesloe: Instagram

Club captain, Luke.
Smiley faces after a beautiful ocean dip.

20. Run South Yarra – Melbourne, Naarm

Cost? Free

What runs do you offer?

  • Flagship Run – Saturdays, 6AM. The group meet at Gilson’s and head across the road to The Tan for a warm up. Run 1, 2 or 3 laps (or as many as you can) before heading back to Gilson’s to join the crew for an oat latte and a chat.
  • Wednesday Track – 6AM. Run South Yarra meet at the iconic Olympic Park Oval for a session run by Dylan from Cremorne Osteopathy.
  • Sunday Long – 6:30AM. The team congregate at the bottom of the dreaded Anderson Street Hill (subject to change each week) for a 15km-30km run, with three pace groups of 4:45, 5:30 and 6 minutes.
Ready to take on The Tan. Founders Tom, left, and Cam, right, are at the front.
What three words best describe Run South Yarra?

Best friends Tom and Cam were strength-training partners before they began running during lockdown. When restrictions eased, they began posting weekly invitations to meet early on a Saturday morning and run some Tan laps to kick off the weekend.

Now, Saturday mornings at Gilson’s are iconic. Curious passersby exchange looks when they take note of the large group sprawling across the cafe, their bustling conversation bringing the South Yarra streets to life.

Tom and Cam are proud to have nurtured a space for human connection, sense of belonging, improvement and longevity. Celebrating a new member’s longest run yet or first attendance leaves them on a high.

Who is Run South Yarra for? We recommend beginners head down to the Saturday morning run before taking the leap into a long run or track session. That way you can choose how many laps you run, and always be at Gilson’s for prime coffee catch-up time.

Where to find Run South Yarra: Instagram

Spot Run South Yarra’s stylish merchandise.
Track Wednesday at Olympic Park Oval.
After an introduction from Tom and Cam, the group head over to The Tan.

We hope you found a club you’re keen to check out.

Thank you to all the amazing Run Clubs involved in this piece, it was a pleasure chatting with you all. We look forward to seeing you bring even more happiness to running in the future.

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