Fun Run: A Riotous Celebration of Endurance

Art and running are two words that wouldn’t normally follow one another in a sentence. But artist Tristan Meecham will be bringing both worlds together in an endurance performance piece called Fun Run, which will be staged at the Arts Centre Forecourt in Melbourne from 4.30pm on March 12.

Inspired by, and in tribute to, the Greek legend of Pheidippides, Fun Run will see Meecham run a full marathon – all 42.2 kilometres of it – on a treadmill on stage. Gruelling? We think so! It’s a spectacle that will certainly test the limits of Meecham’s endurance. But unlike Pheidippides, who ran solo, Meecham the Marathon Man will be accompanied and cheered on by performers, athletes, dancers, and many others from various Melbourne communities. He’ll also be running along to a killer soundtrack, and will be buoyed by comedian Eddie Perfect’s emcee skills.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, you’ll know how much on-course participant support can boost your running when you really need it. So be sure to wear your running (or dancing!) shoes to support Meecham’s feat this weekend as public participation is very much encouraged. You’ll want to join in the Fun Run Flash Mob and become part of the ‘Athenian Dancing Army’. Don’t worry about the moves: flash mob workshops will take place every hour during the performance.

Produced by threatre company All the Queens Men (led by Meecham and Bec Reid), Fun Run is a celebration of athleticism, endurance, theatre and community.

Visit artscentremelbourne.com.au for more details.


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