How to Get Someone Running (Again)

The race my trainee and I are targeting a 10K race, which takes place in hilly (but scenic!) location.

The planets aligned to help me #GetSomeoneRunning: The week after I completed my Coaching Certification Course, my mother-in-law emailed me to say she was hoping to get back into running and could I help?

Why, yes. I could help.

Maria isn’t exactly a new runner (she’s completed a number of races, including half-marathons, in the past), but she’s been out of the game since she had back surgery several years ago. She hasn’t been slacking since then—she got really into yoga and became a registered teacher—but she missed the ultimate kilojoule burn that running can provide.

She started run/walking on her own, running two minutes and walking two minutes times eight, four times a week. I’ve been working with her to slowly increase the running time, decrease the walking time, and add some variety to her schedule. She’s targeting the 10K in 4 months, so I’m having her slowly build up her weekend long run and tackle a hillier route once per week.

I received an email from Maria last week that said only, “Hills suck. *sweaty guy emoji*” So I know that I’ve managed to push her at least a little out of her comfort zone—which is where the magic happens!

I’m really looking forward to continuing to help #GetSomeoneRunning (#Again). I know she’ll have a blast at our 10K—even though it’s chock full o’ hills.

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