I’m A Runner: Richelle Shaw

We asked our audience on Instagram to nominate local runners in their community have a positive impact on those around them. It was exciting to watch the many nominations roll in, including Richelle Shaw.

Thanks for chatting to us Richelle, we’re so excited to shine a light on your passion.

I’m a Runner Q&A

What’s your favourite type of run?

My favourite type of run a track interval session. Nothing better than running in a pack!

Do you run solo or with friends?

I run with a group called @shellstridersrunclub and Coach Kate speed squad! I’ve have made so many of my closest friends through running. But I also enjoy a solo runs too, especially if I have a busy week.

Favourite post run food?

My favourite post run food (excluding coffee) is a bacon and egg roll (for morning runs) or a chicken parmi for night-time runs).

Richelle and a friend at a track session.
A run with the crew.

What do you love most about running?

I love how running brings me back to the present moment, I can push myself and feel strong.

What/who is your running inspiration?

My running inspiration is honestly those who run with me. Especially my track girls (and guys) who push me each week!

I just completed my first 100km event in NZ a couple months back with her.

Next stop, 100 miles in 2026!

Do you have a running mantra?

Running mantra I love most is “You’ve got this” because you do! You just have to believe it. You have to enjoy the process.

Any advice?

Make sure you have some slow runs in there and rest days. Running is not all about running fast.

Richelle with her team.

If you know a local runner who deserves a shout out, email amelia@solemotive.com or comment on our Instagram post!

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