Meet Your New Best Running Buds

Top-of-the-range fitness headphones as ready for adventure as you are. We’re all ears!


vista earbuds


Super light-weight and customisable fit

Waterproof and sweat-proof

Audio Sync with video

16 hours-worth of battery life

Stashable charging case


As runners we’re pretty well-versed to the world of Bluetooth headphones – but we’re sure you’ve realised not all Bluetooth headphones are made equal. With battery life fails killing our vibe on longer runs and a lack of sound quality being the two biggest no-no’s, is there really fitness inspired headphones that conquer all?

We caught up with the product developers at Jaybird to get the lowdown on their latest product the ‘Jaybird VISTA Totally Wireless Sport Headphones’ and why they think every runner needs these in their life…

“Working closely with athletes has always been an important part of the Jaybird journey and listening to their increasing demands was at the forefront of shaping this new product.”

And it shows. Super light-weight, earth-proof and with up to 16 hours of listening time plus a handy compact charging case, the VISTA is ready for whatever adventure you’re embarking on. Jaybird have taken the time to think of all the potential hiccups and proofed the VISTA before you’ve even got them.

Forgotten to charge? No stress just 5 minutes in the charging case will give you an hour of battery life for those shorter, spontaneous runs.

A sudden change in the weather? The VISTA is not only IPX7 waterproof for those unprecedented downpours it’s also sweat-proof and even crush proof for those wilder workouts.

That Personal Touch….How you like your sound is just as personal as the music you listen to. Using their app, Jaybird have given you full reign on how your music sounds with a Personal EQ function that tests your hearing and creates the ideal sound profile you. So, whether you’re a podcast addict or all about that bass – Jaybird have got you covered.

jaybird vista earbuds

RW Verdict:

What first caught our attention was just how compact both the headphones as well as the charging case were. Not only do they easily fit into your hoodie pocket but at only 6g and ergonomically designed with three sizes to choose from, they are super light-weight and fit nice and snug in your ears too.

Ear buds in, Bluetooth connected, volume cranked up and we can barely hear the outside world. We’re definitely feeling in the zone. But now for the real test, how do they perform when we raise the heat? We decided to put the Vista headphones through their paces both running AND doing circuits involving a lot of high intensity movements (yep those dreaded burpees!) to see just how secure and sweat-proof they truly are. Answer? No number of kilometres run, box jumps achieved, and heart racing sprints effected the headphones firm position in our ear and the impressive full-bodied sound quality kept motivation high until the end. Well that and Beyonce.

Needless to say, we were incredibly impressed with the seamless experience the VISTA offers and the fact that they are just as ready for anything as we are makes them all the more perfect.


Jaybird VISTA Totally Wireless Sport Headphones are now available online and at authorised retail stores from mid-August 2019 for $299.95.



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