Making a Comeback After Disc Surgery

Many surgeons do not recommend running after disc surgery.  That advice is probably ignored as often as not. Especially by people who love to exercise. I have had several patients and friends who have returned to running after disc surgery.

You should discuss your long-term goals with your surgeon. You will need to let all the tissues heal and start a gradual return to activity – preferably under the guidance of a physical therapist who also understands your goals. I think it will be important that you set your expectations for the long haul. As you are healing gradual increases in your strength and endurance program will be critical for your success. You will likely be a bit frustrated by the pace, but starting with walking and progressing to running over a year or two may be needed to protect your tissues. It may be an even longer time before you can get back on the trails, especially rough terrain that requires choppy and uneven steps.

If you are considering getting back into running after disc surgery my advice is to start slow, advance slowly, and be happy with your progress. I hope you get back out there.


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