Your Perfect Eating Plan

Runners love to eat. In fact, it’s the reason why many of us at Runner’s World run in the first place. Logging all those kilometres can make you hungry. And that means filling up on meals that satisfy your cravings for real, delicious food while still providing a balance of nutrients to fuel your running.

Depending on your training regimen, health goals, and dietary restrictions, your perfect balance of nutrients might look very different from your running buddy’s. If you’re logging long distances and lots of kilometres, for example, you need a high-energy meal plan packed with carbs and quality protein. But if you’re trying to lose weight, your perfect plan should be loaded with filling but low-energy foods but well planned around your training.

We’ve put together three meal plans for runners with different goals. Whether you’re training for a long-distance race, trying to lose weight, or following a vegetarian (or mostly vegetarian) diet, one of these plans will satisfy both your nutritional needs and your taste buds.

Find our “Weight-Loss Meal Plan” here.

Find our “Vegetarian Meal Plan” here.

Find our “Marathon-training Meal Plan” here.

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