RW Gear of the Year 2017 Winners

Congratulations to our RW Gear of the Year 2017 winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered. We were overwhelmed with your responses and while we wish we could give a prize to you all, here are our lucky 17 winners. Enjoy your new gear!

Benjamin Travia, WA; Erika Sutton, NSW; Gemma Taplin, Qld; Adam Tibballs, ACT; Steve Slovic, Qld; Ross Dawson, Qld; Matthew Allen, SA; Anne Davies, Vic; Jason Parker, Qld; Jared Sarten, NZ; Brad Clark, NSW; Becky Palmer, NSW; Fionna Davies, SA; Daniel Keen, Qld; Nathanael James, Vic; Sheridan Scarlett, WA; Ariane Bowie, WA

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