Ted Spiker’s Collection of Awesome Running Tweets

In many ways, running is a solo adventure – until you decide to post a photo [of your trail view/sweaty shorts/inflamed body part] on social media. Runners love to run, and we love to share our ups and downs with fellow runners, which is what prompted me to search for the best running-related tweets of all time. “Of all time” means, of course, in the past few years. And “of the best” means that I might have a missed one or two.

In no particular order, these tweets include humour, wisdom, and motivational musings from big names like Mindy Kaling and lesser-known folks like Grant Dressler, who, at last count, had 77 followers. Included are pro runners, amateurs, celebs, and weekend warriors.

I chose tweets that are amusing or clever or droll or otherwise interesting in ways that elevate them beyond the typical running tweet embedded with mileage and a beer emoji. In other words, I looked for tweets that are, to paraphrase one sage observer, pretty freakin’ Prefontaine.
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