4 Strategies to Help You Stay Injury Free

Imposing the inevitable left-right, left-right on the body several hundred times every kilometres leaves runners vulnerable to a wide array of overuse injuries. With a few preventive measures, however, you can sidestep most of them. Try these four strategies:


  1. Run every other day. By allowing 48 hours between your workouts, you enable your body to recover from the previous run and minimise your injury risk.
  2. Schedule long runs every other week. Weekly long runs may not give your body the time it needs before going long again.
  3. Increase total mileage by no more than 10 per cent a week. Also, take a “half-mileage” week every three or four weeks.
  4. Build intensity gradually. Add only one quality training element (hills, tempo runs, speedwork) at a time to your schedule. So if you begin doing hill workouts, wait at least three weeks before adding a track workout or other speedwork to your routine. And keep in mind that quality workouts should make up no more than 20 per cent of your total training.

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