75% of Women Marathoners Report Problems with Sport Bra Fit

In a survey of women at the 2012 London Marathon, three-quarters said they have issues with how their sports bra fit.

The results, which will be published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, come from the same survey of women marathoners that found that almost one-third of respondents had breast pain, and of those women, 17% curtailed their training as a result.

In the new data from the survey, of the 1285 women who responded, three-quarters reported problems with how their sports bras fit. Chafing and shoulder straps digging in were the most common complaints, with larger-breasted women more likely to report problems.

In the previous study, lead researcher Nicola Brown, Ph.D., and colleagues found that the incidence of breast pain among the women marathoners was high even though 91% of them regularly ran in a sports bra. Brown told Runner’s World that sport bras don’t offer enough options in shape and construction to match the variety of everyday bras.

“Bra manufacturers need to do more research and work closely with scientists and women to design bras which allow women of all shapes and sizes to lead active and healthy lifestyles,” Brown said.

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