Follow the leader: Steve Moneghetti

Follow the Leader: Advice from the world’s best runners

Steve Moneghetti (53), Ballarat, VIC, long-distance runner, four-time Olympian and ambassador for The Great Ocean Road Marathon.

Go the distance

Long runs (90mins+) form the basis of your half-marathon and marathon training programs. It’s a good idea to run your long run on time rather than distance. This will physically prepare your legs and condition your mind to stick at running over a long period of time.

Build strength

I do a hill session once a week. This includes a 7-10km hill circuit, with hills of varying lengths and gradients. These incline workouts build up your quad muscles and your arm strength, which is important to keep you going in the final few kilometres of a race.

Be consistent …

I’ve never done anything in a race that I haven’t already practised in training. Consistency in training over weeks and months will ensure consistency in races too.

… and focus

If you start to loose focus and motivation, run an internal checklist; ‘How is my breathing?’, ‘Are my legs and shoulders relaxed? ‘– this will get your concentration back and you’ll perform better.

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