I’m a runner: Angus O’Loughlin


I WAS A SPRINTER as a kid and grew up running, but I think that I was mostly running away from my older sister. She used to chase me with a wooden spoon – that’s probably how I got fast.

WHEN I’M IN MY HOMETOWN of Jan Juc in Victoria I’ll run along the cliffs. The route goes past Torquay and Bells Beach with incredible views. I love that you can’t reach these points other than by running or walking.

A YEAR AGO, I was struggling with anxiety after putting a lot of expectation on my work life. Jogging has really helped. I run with my Great Dane, Buckets; the high is addictive and it’s great to know he’s getting something out of it, too.

I’M ON AIR for my radio shows (Shazam Top 20 & Take 40 Australia) from 7pm to 10pm, so I have the mornings to myself and that’s when I train. Everyday I walk Buckets, go to the gym four times a week and once a week do 30 minutes of high intensity training.

I LIKE TO STAY FIT so that I have no limitations physically. My friends are all Ironman competitors and if they were to ask me to go for a 10km run or 40km cycle I want to be able to say yes.

FUNNILY ENOUGH, I entered an Ironman race last year. I was so far behind that I got lapped, but it was great to race alongside my mates and there were a couple of beers to be had at the end of it.

I LIKE TO RUN on an empty stomach, but I’ll re-fuel in the day with lots of proteins and carbs. My favourite food is a solid omelette, made with organic free-range eggs and plenty of veggies.

AFTER A TRAINING SESSION, I usually sit in my back garden, play chilled out songs and take deep breaths for 10 minutes. The ‘zen’ helps me come down and sets me up for the day ahead.

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