I’m A Runner: Aaron Pyke

We asked our audience on Instagram to nominate local runners in their community have a positive impact on those around them. It was exciting to watch the many nominations roll in, including Aaron Pyke.

Thanks for chatting to us Aaron, we’re so excited to shine a light on your adventurous spirit.

I’m a Runner Q&A

What’s your favourite type of run?

A long solo trail run in the hills.

Do you run solo or with friends?

I’m definitely a solo runner, but run with a small club on occasion.

Favourite post run food?

Eggs on Toast with Avo!

What do you love most about running?

Is just the ability to get out and having my feet take me on any kind of adventure my brain thinks up, and the feeling of freedom it brings. Running truly is therapy for me.

What/who is your running inspiration?

My inspiration is just the average everyday people making the time to get out and enjoy running even on the busiest of schedules, they’re the real winners.

Do you have running advice?

Always know no matter the problem whether big or small a run will always help!

If you know a local runner who deserves a shout out, email amelia@solemotive.com or comment on our Instagram post!

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