I’m A Runner: Chloe Esposito

The Olympian runs for medals and for charity.

Chloe Esposito, modern pentathlete competitor, 25, Sydney, Australia


I started running when I was 10. I entered the school cross-country event and I really enjoyed it. I started doing some running sessions with dad and then picked up Little Athletics. I never won anything in primary school, but I enjoyed it a lot, especially hanging out and racing my friends at Little As.

My first running memory is when we had our first ever athletics carnival at primary school. I was in kindy and we were all lining up to run 200m. I was waiting in line and crying my eyes out because I was so scared of the start gun. I told my dad I wouldn’t run the race unless I could run the whole way holding my friend’s hand. As the gun went off, I was still crying and holding my friends hand. We ran the whole race together and came in dead last, but I didn’t care. I was just so happy I finished.

My father competed in the Pentathlon at the 1984 Olympic Games, and that’s what got me into the event. He made me want to represent Australia at an Olympic games for modern pentathlon.

Rio 2016 is definitely one of my greatest memories ever, it’s still so hard to put the experience into words. I had visited Rio in 2012 for the World Cup, so I had seen all the sights before. But last year was obviously a little different as I was competing in the Olympics!

Training is so much easier when you are doing something you love. I have set sessions every week during training and will run five times a week, averaging 70 kilometres a week. My favourite session would have to be a fartlek session. I do also like track but mainly after it’s done!

My longest run I do each week is 20 kilometeres. I’ll make sure I have a banana beforehand, with some nuts or dried fruit. During the run I may sip on water but not always. I’ll just eat and drink the right amount after my run. I don’t like having too much sitting in my stomach before a run and my body is used to this.

For me, the perfect run is somewhere flat, either along the water or somewhere in nature. Even if I’m on a break or holiday I make sure I do a few runs a week because it’s my ‘me time’.

Competition motivates me, but outside training season, trying to beat my own PBs keeps me motivated.

Esposito is the 2017 Run2Cure Neuroblastoma Superstar Ambassador, and will run to raise awareness and funds for neuroblastoma childhood cancer research on 4 June. For more visit run2cure.org.au.


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