I’m a Runner: Mario Lopez

MARIO LOPEZ, 41, California, US
Actor, TV Host, Author

I always hated running as a kid. It was just boring for me. But like vegetables, you hate them as a kid and then you mature as an adult and grow to like it. It’s therapeutic for me now. I think it’s the best way to condition.

I’ve probably been running regularly now for 15 years. It’s something I look forward to – being alone with my thoughts or with good electronic music playing in my headphones.

I usually run in the mornings. Sometimes at night if I can’t fit it in earlier. I now try to take my daughter hiking with me. That’s been a lot of fun when we do that on the weekends.

My daughter’s very athletic like I was. She’s into a bunch of different stuff like dancing and gymnastics. Both of my kids are a little hyper, so I think they might end up as runners.

I run with my kids in a double stroller. It’s great because it’s an extra workout and a full-body workout to push them. And I live on a hill, so going up that hill with them in there is tough!

Before a race my running plans never get too intense. I’m always active whether it’s boxing, running, surfing, or CrossFit. When I know I’m going to do a marathon I just amp up the running on the weekends. I don’t even really do long training regimens. It’s more just making myself get up and run.

I like to do half marathons and entered a triathlon a few years ago. Obviously marathons are big commitments, so I usually try to tie it in with a charity to raise money. If I had more time and had a schedule that was more set, it would be much easier for me to train for something longer again.

I’ve raced with and without headphones. If I have a buddy with me I won’t use them, but for something like marathons it certainly helps me kick into another gear sometimes.

Sometimes if I have bad shoes I’ll end up with feet cramps and I’ll get sore, but fortunately nothing major while running.

Post-race beverage? I like bourbon! And after any long distance runs I’ll eat whatever.

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