Run For The Oceans 2022

Beach runs may be one of the most amazing runs that one can experience.

The fresh sea breeze in your hair, the reflection from the water, the resistance from the sand… So many of our senses at work, taking in the views, smells and sounds from your surroundings (unless you are listening to some hardcore beats in your headphones, but you get the gist).

It is a beautiful scene in most cases – that is – until you see the plastic bottles.

Plastic waste on our beaches and in our oceans is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, with an estimated 8 million pieces of plastic entering the ocean each day globally. What makes it worse is the long time that it takes for plastic to degrade; with a plastic bottle in the ocean taking up to 400 years to do so.

This is why adidas and Parley are encouraging us to come together from 23 May to 8 June and be the generation that stops plastic waste, with their Run for the oceans challenge.

What is this challenge, you may ask, and how will it help end plastic waste?

For every 10 minutes you run, adidas and Parley are committing to cleaning up one plastic bottle from our beaches and coastal communities. Imagine the impact this could have if we all did it.

This is literally your chance to make a difference for our environment, whilst getting that run in!

It’s a win-win situation.

To join the challenge, follow this link.

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