40 Thoughts Every runner Has While Running a race

  1. I am going to crush this
  2. I wish it was colder today.
  3. My toes are sort of numb.
  4. These Gels look like a tumour in my Belt.
  5. Where did I put my debit card?
  6. If I run a little faster I’ll totally beat my PB.
  7. I hope I don’t get a black toe today.
  8. Are my trainers double-knotted?
  9. In through the nose, out through the mouth.
  10. Where on earth is my partner/family/friends?
  11. I can’t grab the cup of water from you if you’re standing behind the other volunteer.
  12. I wish this crowd would break up a little bit.
  13. You can do this.
  14. The left side is clearly the PASSING LANE do you not understand that?
  15. Can I get kicked out of the race if I hop up on this pavement?
  16. Does my hat look funny?
  17. I should’ve run more in these trainers before today.
  19. I feel like I’m going too fast but I also feel fine so it must be fine, right?
  20. Okay … steady … look effortless, straight ahead.
  21. Nailed it.
  22. Yeah, I lost a Gel.
  23. Why am I so snotty?
  24. Listen side cramp, not today.
  26. How do celebrities run these things without training?
  27. Why do all of these young kids want to touch my sweaty hands anyway?
  28. I’m never doing this again.
  29. Maybe if I bring my knees up a little more my glutes will feel less sleepy.
  30. Is my running watch off?
  31. This gatorade substitute tastes weird.
  32. That may be the funniest looking stride I’ve ever seen.
  33. You can do this.
  34. I should’ve put that new Justin Bieber song on my race playlist.
  35. Listen, self. You can do this.
  37. Where are my family?
  38. This awkward sweat line is not going to make a good finish line photo.
  39. The faster I sprint to the end, the faster my time.
  40. I can’t wait to do this again next year.

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