I’m a Runner: Wendy Moore

Wendy Moore, 44, Sydney

Host of House Rules and editor of Home Beautiful

When I met my husband Pete 16 years ago, he was a really dedicated runner and I was a smoker. We used to have debates about whether the human body was designed to run long distances for no good reason. I used to say, “Unless we’re getting chased, what’s the point? There’s no need for it.” Now I know that’s wrong – I’ve lost the debate.

I couldn’t help but feel inspired when I watched Pete run. He was so dedicated and I saw how much he got out of it personally. Whenever we travelled, he’d go for a run and get to know the city we were in. He’d see things that I wouldn’t see and I was quite envious of that.

So I started running and it was really hard at first. It took ages to get to the point where I could run 20 minutes without stopping, but I’ve kept it up and been consistent with it for years.

Now that I travel a lot for House Rules, I do what Pete has always done. I run in every city we go to and discover hidden pockets. I even have my favourite places to run in each city, such as Queens Domain in Hobart. There’s something inherently independent about being able to just head out for a run no matter where you are – it’s a true sense of freedom.

I have three-year-old twin girls, Darcy and Ruth, so running is a really nice way of getting a quick fix of me-time. A half-hour run is a pretty big luxury when you have twins! I’ll often put the girls to bed and head out for my standard 5.5K loop. My husband is an incredibly good cook and when I come back dinner is often ready – it’s great.

I don’t run with Pete. He holds state Masters records for various distances and came 11th in the City2Surf  in 2014, so I don’t think he’s actually capable of running as slowly as I do. But my sister and I do the Bay Run [a popular 7km loop around Iron Cove] together once a week.

My father died of prostate cancer five years ago, so my sister and I did a Father’s Day run for prostate cancer that year and we’ve kept it up since then.

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