I’m A Runner: Itzel Silva Ruiz and Carlos Trejo Ruiz

We asked our audience on Instagram to nominate local runners in their community have a positive impact on those around them. It was exciting to watch the many nominations roll in, including Itzel Silva Ruiz and Carlos Trejo Ruiz.

Initially, we began chatting to Itzel and Carlos separately, and then spotted they were both featured in the pictures they sent in. That’s when we discovered they were married – what a lovely surprise.

Thanks for chatting to us Itzel and Carlos, we’re so excited to shine a light on your infectious positivity!

I’m a Runner Q&A

What’s your favourite type of run?

Itzel: A long run at an easy pace on a cold morning!

Carlos: Long runs.

Do you run solo or with friends?

Itzel: Mostly solo with a podcast, but I love running with Carlos whilst talking about our life goals.

Carlos: I do most of my training alone, but I enjoy running with my friends Victor, Amanda, Nick, Nestor, Vanessa and of course Itzel.

Favourite post run food?

Itzel: All the food! I love a good brunch, or an almond croissant and coffee.

Carlos: Pizza!! I love pizza.

Carlos and Itzel at the Pizza Run!
Pizza runner

What do you love most about running?

Itzel: That I can endure more while dancing, plus the city views in the morning.

Carlos: The sense of freedom, being able to see different places and amazing sunrises.

What/who is your running inspiration?

Itzel: My legendary friends, Carlos, Nestor, Vanessa, Sam, Melany, Amanda, Victor, Matt, Bryan, Nick and many more!

Carlos: Keeping my mental health in order. It gives me a moment to focus, to connect with friends and share some laughs.

Do you have a running mantra?

Itzel: You never regret a run! It only starts with one step.

Carlos: Be kind to yourself, push gradually and be consistent.

If you know a local runner who deserves a shout out, email amelia@solemotive.com or comment on our Instagram post!

Carlos and Itzel crossing the Run Melbourne finish line together.
Itzel and Carlos running with friends.

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