I’m A Runner: Daniel Beeson

We asked our audience on Instagram to nominate local runners in their community have a positive impact on those around them. It was exciting to watch the many nominations roll in, including Daniel Beeson.

Thanks for chatting to us Daniel, we’re so excited to shine a light on your special outlook on life.

I’m a Runner Q&A

What’s your favourite type of run?

Trail running is my jam!

Do you run solo or with friends?

Running is my mental release, so I run mostly on my own, or with my partner.

Favourite post run food?

Fish and chips or pasta would be my go-to if it’s a big run.

Daniel’s partner, Katey (left) is his inspiration.
Daniel and Katey at the finish line together.

What do you love most about running?

The thing that keeps me going everyday is letting go out the outcomes. I set goals for distances, I go all in, but am not bothered by the outcome, as I know it’s just a checkpoint to the next path.

What/who is your running inspiration?

My partner Katey is my inspiration. She has been a runner for years. When she ran her first 100km race, and I crewed for her all day, it gave me a belief that someday I could run a marathon too. Little did I know that less than 2 years into running I would be running not only my first of many marathons, but multiple ultra marathon distances since.

I just completed my first 100km event in NZ a couple months back with her.

Next stop, 100 miles in 2026!

Do you have a running mantra?

I have many mantras I live by, but one hashtag that is tattooed. On my wrist is #letgotogrow. We cannot step into something new, if we are still holding onto the past. Once you let go, you will grow.

Daniel smiling before a long run.

If you know a local runner who deserves a shout out, email amelia@solemotive.com or comment on our Instagram post!

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