7 Keys to Racing in Costume

1. Keep An Open Mind

The calendar is full of races where you can try to run as fast as possible. Think of racing in costume as bringing variety to your training year.


2. Try a Practice Run

Even though you probably won’t be going for a PB while in costume, you’ll want to minimise mid-race unpleasant discoveries (like chafing).


3. Expect Comments

People don’t like getting beaten by costumed runners. If the comments start to bother you, remember that you’re wearing a mask.


4. Expect Challenges

Most costumes aren’t designed with heavy breathing and sweating in mind. And you know how sometimes you need to make a pit stop while running? Well, that need doesn’t necessarily go away just because you’re in costume.


5. Work The Crowd

Spectators are going to love you. Use their enthusiasm to your advantage.


6. Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Camille Herron, the women’s Guinness record holder for fastest marathon run in a costume, has a 2:37 marathon PB and ran 2:48 as Spider-Woman. You might find yourself willing and able to run fast despite your attire.


7. Have Fun

It’s just plain fun, especially if you do it with friends.

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