Score Your Mental Strengths and Weaknesses

What mental strategies are you doing well? What areas need improvement? Rate your current mental game performance from 1 to 10 (1 = low, 10 = high) to ID your strengths and target areas for growth. The total score can range from 10 to 100. A good initial goal score is 70. Keep in mind that each skill is interconnected, so working on one area will strengthen other areas, too.

For more on mental strategies, check out Runner’s World March 2014.


MENTAL IMAGERY –> I vividly see and feel myself performing well.


SELF-TALK –> I keep my thoughts simple, positive, and powerful when running.


FOCUS –> I stay on target.


MENTAL TOUGHNESS –> I do what is hard and stay positive under adversity.


ANXIETY CONTROL –> My nervous energy doesn’t wreck my race. I process it as excitement.


INTENSITY –> My energy level stays just right for the situation (not too up, not too down).


BODY LANGUAGE –> I carry myself with confidence – faking it if necessary.


PAIN MANAGEMENT –> I can distract myself from discomfort so I can push on.


SELF-ANALYSIS –> I review my progress to see what I’m doing well and in what areas I can improve.


RESILIENCE –> I focus on my strengths and move forward past disappointing performances.

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