9 Strength Moves That Will Upgrade Your Running

Do these lunges, squats, and deadlifts to give your running a refresh.

Walking Crossover Lunge

Stand tall. Step forward and left with your right leg, crossing over your left leg, and lower into a lunge. Use your right leg to return to starting position, driving through your heel. Repeat with your left leg. Alternate for two or three sets of five repetitions per side.

Curtsy Lunge

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Keeping your weight on your left leg, step your right foot behind and beyond your left leg until you end in a lunge. Drive back to starting position by pushing through your left heel. Perform two or three sets of three to five reps per leg.

Drop Lunge

From standing, pivot and step back with your left foot. Lower into a left side lunge, keeping your right leg straight. Push through your left leg to return to standing, then repeat on the other side. Complete two or three sets of three to five reps per leg.

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Shift your weight onto your left leg and let your knee bend slightly. Keeping your right leg slightly bent, lower your chest toward the floor, allowing your right foot to lift. Return to start. Complete two or three sets of five reps per side.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Take a small step away from a bench, box, or step. Reach your right foot back and rest it on the bench. Bend your left knee to lower as far as you can with control. Push through your left foot to stand. Do two or three sets of five reps per side.

Front Foot Elevated Step-Back Lunge

Stand on a low box, bench, or step. With your left foot, take a large step backward and lower your left knee. Push through your right heel to stand. Do two or three sets of five reps per side, and up the box height as you progress.

Single-Leg Squat Tapping Wall

Stand with your heels a foot-length away from a wall. Balance on your right leg and lower until your butt lightly touches the wall. Drive through your right heel to stand and continue for 30 reps. Repeat on your left leg. Do two sets.

Resistance Band Lateral Walk

With a band around your ankles, lower into a quarter-squat, take a quick step to the left, and follow with your right foot. Continue taking quick steps to the left until you reach 30, then repeat in the opposite direction. Do three or four sets in each direction.

Mountain Climbers

Assume a push up position and brace your core. Drive one knee toward your chest, then return your raised foot to the starting position while driving the opposite knee toward your chest. Do three or four sets of 15 reps per leg, alternating legs as quickly as possible.

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