Do These Words Have Legs?

Most of my vices read like Instagram hashtags: #coffee #CornedBeefHash #IsItWineoClock. But I have another that has nothing to do with high-sodium forms of meat: Scrabble.I play a turn when I’m getting ready for bed, when I wake up, when I’m walking down the hall, or when I’m waiting for a meeting to start. According to my phone, I’ve played 1,144 games since I downloaded the app about five years ago.

On the surface, my favorite word game seems like it has little to do with running. But here’s the thing: Whenever I’m trying to scramble my letter rack to find that seven-letter bingo, I always see running words that aren’t running words – but should be.I take that as 1) an indication about how running creeps into all aspects of our lives and 2) I need help.

​With a salute to other word-inventors (SnigletsThe New York TimesSunday magazine’s “that should be a word” feature), these are actual seven-letter combos that have appeared on my recent racks – and, if I had any say, should be acceptable to play.

The Word My Definition Used in a Sentence
SNOTINE A device in which you can charmingly deposit your snot rockets. “Honey, please don’t store your snotine in the kitchen.”
EXZIGRR A former “ball” athlete who has taken up running and needs to adjust from multi-directional running to straight-line running. “Hines Ward, an exzigrr, crushed his Ironman.”
ASSTUDE When you wear too-small shorts. “Feeling good about my body today. Time to rock some asstude.”
RUNROWS When three people run side-by-side in a race and you can’t get around them. “Hey, runrows, on your left!”
REWORNS Wearing yesterday’s socks today because you’re backed up on laundry. “Oooh, nasty, gotta go with the reworns for today’s five-miler.”
RANROOT Slang for nailing a trail run. “Dude, totally, ranroot and nearly bit it on the switchback.”
TORORAN What Spanish-speaking people say when I finish a race. “Man, did you see how that tororan?”
REDLOIN Chafing condition. “No, I’m not walking funny because I pulled a hamstring on my intervals, just a mild case of redloin.”


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