Glasgow Finalist Nick Hough: Training Tips

Nick Hough, 20, of Bella Vista, New South Wales, came within 0.08 seconds of a bronze medal in the men’s 110m hurdles at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games



“In weeks when my body is sore or tired from training, or I have a small niggle or injury inflamed by regular training, I do a pool running session. I run on the spot in deep water, with each rep going for about 30 seconds. This allows muscle groups that are used in running to be worked without the stresses and lasting fatigue from ground contact.”


“Doing a session the day before a big race works for some athletes, but it’s not for me – it leaves my glutes fatigued, which means on race day I can’t produce as much explosive power in my acceleration phase. Instead, I have two complete days of rest before competing to refresh my muscles and mind, allowing me to be in peak condition for the race.”


“Before big meet, while I’m warming up I play a pre-recorded mix of music through my headphones. This settles me into the correct mental state I need at each point in my warm-up. It starts music that relaxes me, before moving into more up-beat tunes as I start to run faster and move into competition mode. This pre-race strategy ensures I’m in the same, familiar state of mind every time I compete.”


For more on Hough’s Commonwealth Games result, visit athletics.com.au.


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