New Heart Health App Helps Patients Stay On Their Meds

Hundreds of thousands of Australians who don’t take their heart medicines as prescribed can now better manage their dosage and routine through a new smart phone app launched by the National Heart Foundation of Australia.

The free My Heart, My Life app helps people keep track of and remember to take their medicines, while also providing health stats, enabling people to learn about heart attack warning signs and offering healthier recipes.

Heart Foundation’s National Director of Cardiovascular Health, Dr Rob Grenfell said the app helps patients manage their medication routine, increase their understanding of their condition and ultimately improve their health.

“We also know the app will assist GPs, pharmacists and primary care nurses to help their patients adhere to medicine and lifestyle changes,” Dr Grenfell said.

“Around 3.7 million Australians are living with cardiovascular disease – the number one killer of men and women, with a large number prescribed medications.

“We know the more medications people are taking, the more difficult it is to remember to take them.

“Within the app people can search a medicines database for medicines they are taking, which lists the dose and frequency for each medicine and it sets reminders to help people to take them.”

A Heart Foundation survey showed 5.5% of people are prescribed blood pressure medicines and 16% of people taking cholesterol medicines were not taking them regularly.

“This equates to around 600,000 people just for cholesterol and blood pressure medicines alone,” he said.

“Even more alarming is the fact we know approximately half of patients prescribed a cholesterol lowering drug, commonly known as a statin, will stop taking them within six months of starting their medicines.”

The app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Visit myheartmylife.org.au to download the app.

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