10 Ways You Know You’re a Runner

Runners come in all shapes and sizes, and from all different walks of life. We run for different reasons, at different paces and across different distances, but there are common experiences we all share.

You know you’re a runner when…
10. You have at least one black toenail (and if that toenail is missing entirely, all the better).

9. Your starting corral position has nothing to do with boarding a Southwest flight.

8. Gel is something that goes in your mouth, not in your hair.

7. A negative split doesn’t refer to a relationship gone sour.

6. No matter what time you set the alarm for your morning run, it’s always too early.

5. You use a Mylar blanket and you aren’t an astronaut.

4. Chip time has nothing to do with the game of golf.

3. No matter what direction you stand to clank off your running shoes, the dust will always fly directly in your face.

2. Running late means literally running late.

1. Never once has there been a time you’ve felt worse after a run than before, and that’s why the previous nine points are priceless.



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