12 Ways Parents of Small Kids Can Sneak In a Run

You desperately need to escape for a few kilometres. Here’s how.

1. The Early Wakeup

Set your alarm for the crack of dawn and get your run done first thing.

Pros: Start the day off on the right foot. One shower a day.

Cons: Your bed doesn’t let you out so easily. And it’s still dark.

2. The Late Night

Head out after your kids have gone to sleep.

Pros: The last thing you do each day is an investment in yourself.

Cons: Your couch doesn’t let you go so easily. And it’s dark already.

3. The Running Pram

Fresh air for everyone, with the help of three wheels.

Pros: “Daddy, look at the squirrel!”

Cons: “I want to get OUUTTTT!”

4. The One-Hour Kid Swap

You get 30 minutes to run, your friend watches the kids. She gets 30 minutes to run, you watch the kids.

Pros: Everyone gets a short workout.

Cons: The real workout is keeping an eye on your friend’s little ‘angel’.

5. The Treadmill

Plop your kid in a safe area, put on some cartoons, and jump on the treadmill in the garage.

Pros: Easy access for anyone who needs you.

Cons: Easy access for anyone who needs you.

6. The Run Commute

Throw your work clothes into a backpack and run to work.

Pros: The ultimate in multitasking. And you burn kilojoules instead of gas.

Cons: You forgot clean underwear.

7. The Lunchtime Run 

When all your coworkers head off for fast food, you hit the roads around the office.

Pros: You’ll come back to your desk feeling recharged and ready to tackle the afternoon.

Cons: Sweating. Still sweating. And, yep, still sweating.

8. The Babysitter

Hire a third party to watch the kids while you go for a run.

Pros: The kids are having as much fun as you are.

Cons: That hourly rate adds up in a hurry.

9. The Sandpit at the Track

Put your kids in the long jump pit while you run laps.

Pros: Built-in entertainment.

Cons: Third-lap soundtrack: “Mummy, sand taste yuck!”

10. The Childcare at the Gym

You can still get your treadmill time in by joining a gym that offers on-site babysitting.

Pros: Kids get to play with different toys while you’re racking up the kilometres.

Cons: Who knows where those communal toys have been?

11. The Potluck

Everyone brings a child, one unlucky parent watches them all.

Pros: Great plan as long as you’re not the one who drew the short straw.

Cons: You will, at some point, draw the short straw.

12. The Graduation

Your kids are old enough to stay home alone. What could possibly go wrong?

Pros: It’s just like going for a run before you had kids. So easy.

Cons: Your inner dialogue: “Is that siren I hear headed to my house?”


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