Ask Miles!

Dear Miles,
Fast runners who finish a 5K and then run the course backward say they’re cheering the rest of us on. I feel like they’re flaunting how much faster they are. Can I trip them?

First things first, Steve. A racecourse is for racing – not cooling down. If they’re simply near the course, however, they are free to run. I try to give people – even fast ones – the benefit of the doubt. So if they say they’re showing support, I’ll take their word for it. Now if a fast runner is clearly showboating, and not cheering one little bit, that’s another story. Especially if he looks smug and/or has changed clothes and/or is drinking a beer. May you trip such a runner? No! But if you blow a snot rocket that just happens to hit his shirt, well, racing can be messy, can’t it?


Dear Miles,
My running group fell apart, and I haven’t been able to find new people to run with. I’d love to have a steady running partner. Advice?

Finding a running partner is a lot like finding a romantic partner: You want someone reliable, thoughtful, and fun who won’t laugh at your bed hair. Local running clubs are a logical place to start your search. Most offer weekly group runs and even social outings, which can be a nice way to meet like-minded (and like-paced) runners. Or ask the staff at a specialty running store. They’ll know the local scene, and often host runs of their own. Social media sites like Facebook can also help you connect with local runners. Even if none of your friends run, maybe some of their friends do. Or their friends. Or…



Dear Miles,
Running hills or stairs – which one do you stand to gain more from?
– @ThomasGouard

Hills, for sure. Well, unless what you’re trying to gain is access to the second floor.



50% of Runner’s World poll respondents say they found their current training partner through a running club.

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