I’m a Runner: Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore, 33, Sydney, TV presenter, The Project; So You Think You Can Dance


I started running because I needed an exercise that I could easily fit into my busy life.


It took me a long time to learn to run. It certainly didn’t come easily. I used to get tired after 100 metres. I set myself a routine and gradually added a kilometre every few weeks.


When I first started I tried to take phone calls and send texts while I ran. Always multitasking! But I learnt the hard way the two don’t mix when I ran straight into a tree.


I usually run four kilometres, three times a week. I am really slow and have a terrible running style but I don’t care!


The thing I love about running is you don’t need anything other than a pair of sneakers and you can do it anytime anywhere. I sometimes run straight after I drop my son [Ollie] at school to avoid the traffic, or I’ll duck out at lunchtime.


There have been many moments in my life when things have been tough and I have found going for a run has really helped me mentally. The release of endorphins helps my mood and helps me stay positive.


I used to get bored when I ran but now I love that I have time to myself and it gives me space to think.


I entered my first fun run two years ago with a friend and neither of us had done one before. The idea of a fun run had always terrified me. We set ourselves a challenge and trained together and hobbled across the 10K line feeling like we had just won gold! It was an incredible feeling.


I’ve done a couple of 14K runs. The Sydney City2Surf was by far the hardest, but the most rewarding. There is something really cool about running along with thousands of people.


I know it’s important to get Ollie moving so we often go riding and running on the weekend. He’ll jump on his bike and I’ll run alongside him. It’s hard to find time on the weekend to go to an exercise class because I am conscious of spending time with Ollie since I have been at work all week so running with him is a great option.


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