Your Diet Qs

You posted questions on Facebook; we answer those who got the most “likes”

Q: I’m tired! What meals can I eat to lose weight, boost energy, and fuel workouts?

A: Boosting energy and fuelling runs while shedding kilos requires what I call “metered eating.” Plan on eating every three to four hours – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with two snacks. You’ll avoid getting ravenous, which can make you sluggish and likely to overeat. Here’s a sample training-focused fuelling plan for weight loss with about 6300 kilojoules (adjust portions based on your needs).

Prerun: water (morning run of 5 kilometres)
Breakfast: 1 cup fat-free Greek yoghurt, 2 tablespoons almonds, and 1 cup berries; 1 slice whole-grain bread with thinly sliced avocado
Lunch: 2 whole-grain tortillas with ¾ cup 4 bean mix, ½ cup salsa, and 30 grams low-fat grated cheese
Snack: 1 cup sugar-snap peas and radishes with 1 tablespoon light dressing; 1 banana
Dinner: 90 grams salmon, ¾ cup brown rice, 2 cups Asian greens with 1 teaspoon each peanut oil and vinegar, 250mL low fat milk
Snack: 1 small chocolate, ½ cup sliced strawberries, tea

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