4 Tips to Stay on Track for the Holidays

I just love the magic of the holidays. Days and nights filled with family traditions, friends, parties and lots of Christmas cookies. The longer, festive-filled days, while fun, can also leave us feeling worn down, sick, tired, and way too full.

For those who are trying to maintain or continue on a weight loss regime, the holiday time can feel even more stressful and hard.

So, here are four easy ways to stay on track in the next few weeks, keeping both your physical and mental wellness humming along and letting you enjoy those parties, family gatherings, and cookies.

Stay Active

It may sound obvious, but try to keep your routine up through the busy days. While keeping on a running schedule might not be realistic, or even something you want to do, try to incorporate activity in fun ways. Instead of doing a solo session at the gym, head out on a fun run with your family or do something you don’t typically do, like a long walk or hike.

Stay Hydrated

Water is your friend always, but it’s really your friend during and between those parties. Often, even mild dehydration can trick you into thinking you’re hungry, causing you to eat one too many of those festive, fattening appetizers. You’ll also want to make sure you rehydrate after enjoying a cocktail or two.

Still Eat Your Veggies

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a pig in a blanket or two, try to be mindful of your portions and fill up on the healthier options. When at parties, look for foods such as shrimp cocktail, smoked or grilled meats, and vegetables. If you’re worried about healthful options, offer to bring an appetizer or side dish that you know you’ll like and want to eat.

When considering alcohol, lower-kilojoule options will be clear liquids such as vodka. And make sure you choose kilojoule-free mixers such as club soda. A good glass of red wine can give you some healthful benefits, too.

Watch When You Celebrate

If you wanted to, you could celebrate the season all day long with coffee drinks, etc. Try limiting the indulgences for when you’re out with friends, and choose foods and drinks that still taste festive but are better for you. Try a coconut milk (or skim milk) latte with an extra shot of espresso and one pump of gingerbread syrup for that holiday taste. A skinny peppermint mocha is also a great option.

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