A Salad With Bite

Coming into spring, plenty of people will be firing up BBQs on the weekends, but if you take your running seriously, you’ll need more than just a mixture of different meats to fulfil your nutritional requirements.

Alternatively, a salad can give you the energy you need as well as all the protein and iron that comes in meat. The key is to include either lentils, nuts or eggs to make sure your salad gives you the nourishment your body needs.

Our chickpea, almond and walnut salad gives you plenty of protein and carbohydrates for your next run.



2 cups cooked chick peas (canned or pre-prepared)
100g packet snow peas
Capsicum (Half-One each of red, green and yellow)
1/3 cup roasted almond slithers
1/3 cup walnut pieces
½ cup couscous
½ cup boiling water

1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
1 tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp chopped coriander
1 tbsp olive oil

Finely slice the capsicum and snow peas into strips.
Combine all dressing ingredients in a jar and shake well.
Pour boiling water over couscous and cover, break up with fork after three minutes.
Mix nuts, chick peas, couscous, vegetables and dressing.
Stir gently to combine.

Energy: 1660kJ
Carbohydrates: 37.5g
Protein: 14g
Fat: 21g


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