Follow the Leader: Melissa Breen

MELISSA BREEN, 21, Canberra, ACT, 2010 Australian 100m champion, (11.33 PB)

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Study It

“I look at training as study. Like you would study for an exam, you want to understand the material through and through, so that when it comes to race-day you can give everything you’ve got – physically and mentally.”


Find It

“Confidence is not something you can be taught. I got it through learning from challenging circumstances, thriving on competition and studying the art of the 100-metre sprint. You have to work at developing into the person and athlete you want to become.”


Count It

“Always concentrate on the purpose of each session. This week I raced on Saturday, had a two day rest, did an indoor block session on Tuesday, top end speed on Wednesday, lifted weights on Thursday, another killer speed session on Friday, and had a technical sled and hills day on Saturday.”


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