Halfway Through Year a Time for Reflection

Our year is halfway over, people. Perhaps for you this year has flown by, and your pace has been easy and light. Or maybe it’s been a brutal slog. Or perhaps the Ks have been a little bit of both.

No matter what our journey has been like, we pause to reflect and celebrate that we’ve made it this far.

I have this awesome journal. Yesterday, when I turned the page into the month of July, there was a page of reflection. The instructions said to turn back to January and review my goals for 2015; write down the ones I’ve accomplished and a statement of gratitude for each one; see if any goals no longer applied or held interest for me, and then take those off the list. Then, I was to list the goals that still need work. The final instruction was to write a few steps of action for each unrealised goal. The final six months of the year are to focus intention and energy on those remaining goals and dreams.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made a list of goals or resolutions for the New Year and not looked at them again until January of the following year. I’ve never had a tool that forced me to check in with myself as specifically as this journal. I write my intentions for the year, for each month, each day. Some of them are things I want to do. Most of them are about who I want to be.

I was shocked to see how many of my dreams and goals for the year have already been realised. Do well at University (I got two HDs!). Be a present, patient parent (I asked my kids. They said yes. So far, so good.). Become a better public speaker and teacher. Be more compassionate and practice self-compassion. Fall in love (for real) with an amazing man. Run an ultramarathon. Have more adventures. Continue my yoga and meditation practices. Be more grateful for the things that matter and let go of the things that don’t. Believe, think, speak, decide, and act from a place of love and worthiness.

I’m so excited and grateful to see this progress, and the abundance in my life that’s the fruit of realised intentions and manifested dreams. I’m also more inspired to turn my attention to the things that remain undone.

We’re crossing the halfway point, my friends. It’s time to check in with ourselves and with each other. How are we doing? Are we doing what we set out to do? Do our choices align us in the direction we want to go? Are we on pace? Are we becoming the people we intended to become? Can we look at ourselves plainly and see what’s working and what might need some work?

Let’s pause at this mile marker and see what we need to finish strong.

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