Help for Postrun Head Spins

If you’ve ever experienced a case of “the spins” – where the room will spins – after a tough workout, kilojoule restriction could be an issue.

There are many diets that call for reduced kilojoule intake. Unless you are overweight, these dietary restriction may do you more harm than good. Women particularly are at risk if they are not getting regular periods, which would indicate hormonal imbalances and bone density is at risk. Low bone density increase risk of stress fractures and hip fractures as you get older. Neither of which will be good for you in the long run.

A diet that is low in bio-available iron, could also lead to anemia which could produce your symptoms.

“The spins” could also be benign positional vertigo. This condition occurs when “sludge” builds up in the semicircular canals of the inner ear and interferes with fluid flow in the canals. The fluid flow helps keep space orientation – whether you are upright, bending in a certain direction, or lying down. It tracks movement a bit like a gyroscope. When the fluid does not flow well, the brain signals that you are spinning. Until the canals are cleared of the sludge, you will get the spins when you change positions. This tends to come and go.

In either case, you should meet with your personal physician if you find you have persistant spins. The problem may be easily fixed with diet changes or treatment for vertigo.

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