I’m a Runner: Brodie Harper

I run about 25 kilometres a week. I always thought my body wasn’t designed for running, but about a year ago I started by walking a circuit and running up hills. I never thought I’d run the entire 8K circuit, but before long it was second nature.

My favourite track is along Olivers Hill in Frankston South. There’s a boardwalk, a hill, a few flights of stairs (that are horrendously big), followed by more hills. If you do the circuit twice, it’s about eight to nine kilometres. And once you’re at the top, there’s a view of the bay.

I do stand up paddle boarding (SUP), which helps with core strength. Quite often I’ll race my husband, who competes in SUPing. Recently we did a 10K paddle vs. run – he paddled and I ran. I beat him by about four minutes, much to his horror!

Postcards takes me to some gorgeous locations. Before a day of filming I like to go for an early morning run. It gives me energy, and I get to see more of the town. Normally the crew is still in bed, and they’ll roll out at the call time when we’re ready to go!

My weakness is hot chips or ice-cream. But generally I eat a non-packaged food diet. Lots of fruits, vegetables and seafood.

I like to run wearing a visor. They work like headbands, keeping the sun off my face and my head cool!

I’ve done 10K fun runs to raise awareness for cancer. My first triathlon should have been the witsup.com celebrity challenge at the 2012 Omara Cycles Women’s Triathlon, but a shoulder injury forced me out. Instead I’m planning to do the 14K Run for the Kids. My goal is to work up to a half-marathon later this year.

My husband is a great motivator. Once when we ran up Arthurs Seat together, being a fit personal trainer, he could have leapt ahead and done it in half the time. Instead he jogged behind me yelling “Ultra fit!” It really helped.

Some days I don’t feel like running, but I’ll go down to the beach anyway. In my head I tell myself I’ll just go for a walk, but deep down I know I’ll run. I feel at ease once I’ve done it, and in a good mood. I think for me it’s kind of “my time”.

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