I’m a Runner: Christie Hayes

Christie Hayes, 27, Sydney

Actress and model


When I was little I was a sprinter and I loved participating in school carnivals, particularly the 100 metres. I’d always get the number one ribbon! And I maintained it as I was growing up. I’m still not the best long-distance runner; I’m definitely a sprinter.


I love to give my all for a good sprint. That’s how I am with everything in life – I go in headfirst and give it all I’ve got. I think it’s a reflection of my personality.


When I was a kid, I’d always take my shoes off for competitions. I felt more connected to the earth and I could run fast from the grass. Even now, I prefer to be barefoot. I have a really good pair of runners, but I don’t like the extra weight. I find it easier to go back to basics and be freer.


[NRL player] Jamal Idris is my cousin, so running is in the blood. He’s a lot faster than me, but he thinks I’m very fast for a girl!


When you work on TV and you’re a model, running is a great way to stay in shape.


I run three or four times a week and I’m really into interval training. I start my workout with a sprint to get my heart going, and then do a power walk. Because Bondi Beach is so long, it’s easy to sprint for a couple of hundred metres, go back to power walking, and do the same thing again. I try to keep my heart rate up, so I sprint about 10 times per workout.


I have to exercise in the morning because I have the most energy when I wake up. I’m definitely a morning person. And then it’s done for the day, I’ve had my ‘me’ time and I can start my day feeling positive – the endorphins are kicking in and my body feels good.


I’d like to work my way up to running a marathon eventually. My problem is that I always like to come first, but I try to remind myself that it doesn’t matter and it’s a competition with myself. I’m trying to learn the art of balance – starting at the right pace and maintaining it.


My favourite thing about running is the feeling of empowerment it gives you. I love what it does for your peace of mind – there’s a really cool strength within you. And I love how you feel afterwards. Your skin feels fantastic and you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

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