The McClure Family

The McClure’s share a passion for running and fitness.

We catch up mum Janie (65) and sisters Alice (41), Fiona (43) and Grace (35) from the McClure family. Despite their busy schedules, these women lead very active and healthy lifestyles and are members of Mums on the Run, a network for mums who love to run.

In October this year, the women will stand at the start line of the Medibank Melbourne Marathon together. Here’s what they had to say:



Q. How have you been preparing for the Medibank Melbourne Marathon in October?

Fiona: I run three times a week and have been increasing my weekly distance since April.

Alice: It’s great to have a goal. I’ve been running about 40 to 50km per week, including a hills session, speed session, long run and a short run.

Janie: I’m not sure if you’d call it training – I just love to walk/run all year around.

Grace: I’m overcoming a mild injury so it’s light jogging for me.


Q. How do you fit in training around mother-hood and work commitments?

Fiona: I work from home so have the flexibility to fit in my runs around work. All my children are now at school which also makes it much easier.

Alice: I use the gym crèche a lot and my mum and sister sometimes look after my daughter. On Saturday mornings I share a baby sitter with one of my friends (she’s training for the marathon too). Where there’s a will there’s a way – you just have to make training a priority.

Janie: I walk 8km, four to five times a week. As I am a grandmother of 12, I work in and around the girls programs. Sometimes I do a bike session for 60 minutes at the gym, but only when I feel like it. My aim is to be fit enough to keep up with the girls and grandchildren when I visit them.

Grace: I plan it in, get up early and just do it – so no procrastinating!


Q. How grateful are you for your family support network and how does it influence you?

Fiona: It’s wonderful to have such great family support; we ask each-other questions about running and training. It influences me to keep going and to try new distances. I never thought I could run 21.1K but I watched three of my sisters (Caroline, Grace and Alice) complete the 2012 Melbourne Ironman and they made it look easy so I thought I’d give a half-marathon a try.

Alice: Running has always been part of my life and it’s great that I can share it with my mum and sisters. I’d also like to set a good example for my daughter.

Janie: I’ve always loved to walk/run. When the girls were young we would practice for their annual School of The Air sports day. I vividly remember Chrissie winning the ‘egg and spoon race’ and Alice winning the ‘lolly race’. I think the girls developed their endurance and fitness on the farm and I love it that they still want to include me in their support network.

Grace: Running is definitely a part of our family. It keeps us healthy, happy and gives us events to look forward to doing together.


Q. What’s your favourite pre and post-race fuel?

Fiona: I always have half a banana and half a glass of water just before a training run – it hydrates me and gives me energy. After a run I eat Gluten Free Porrij topped with Gluten Free Muesli and drink a cup of tea. I also use gels before and during a race. After a race last year Alice told me to drink three big cups of hydralyte because I was dehydrated.

Alice: I eat spaghetti Bolognese the night before a race and then get up three hours before the race start and eat something substantial. Post-race I eat the left over spaghetti Bolognese. I always make sure I’m hydrated with either hydrolyte or something similar.

Janie: My breakfast, ever since I was a young girl on my family farm in the Adelaide Hills has been a couple of cups of Bushells tea and two slices of vegemite on toast.

Grace: Rice and bananas. It’s simple, digests well and contains energy.


Q. Do you listen to music while you are running?

Fiona: No, I like the peace and quiet around me on the farm – it helps me clear my thoughts.

Alice: Rachel Platten, “Fight Song”, Jimmy Barnes, “Ain’t No Second Prize” and Gabriella Cilmi, “Woman on a Mission”.

Janie: Tina Turner, “Simply the Best”.


Q. How do you motivate each-other during a race?

Fiona: At the Melbourne Ironman in 2012 we had banners made. We encouraged Caroline, Grace and Alice by calling out when they were in the transition area and during the race. Grace ran with me at my first 10km at the Medibank Melbourne Marathon and Alice ran with me in my first half marathon last year – they both gave great support during the race.

Alice: As long as I’m not concentrating on my pace or out of breath, when I see my family in the same race I encourage them to run faster.

Janie: I’m in a different category to the girls and they usually finish well before me, but they cheer me on like “billyo” as I make my way to the finish – it’s such a wonderful feeling.

Grace: I paced Fiona once for the 10k race at the Medibank Melbourne Marathon and she got a PB! I got a big kick out of seeing her achieve her goals. We often organise a celebratory lunch after a race, it’s something to look forward to.



Q. What do you wear for a race?

Fiona: I wear Asics Gel-Kayano trainers – great support. On top, I usually wear a Nike black t-shirt or singlet with the Mums on the Run logo. Long black skins for my bottom half, or if it’s warmer short black skins or 2XU shorts.

Alice: I like Asics trainers – either the Gel-Kayano or Gel DS Trainer – I’ve been running in them for years. I love the Lululemon (3/4) crop pants either in black or navy and then I usually wear a supportive bra top and a comfy lululemon t-shirt so I don’t get tan lines/sun-burnt.

Janie: I purchase a new pair of Asics trainers every two years. I wear my Mums on the Run top and visor. Caroline and her husband usually provide me with “spunky hippy skins”.

Grace: I like a sturdier shoe for long runs and lighter race shoes for shorter races – they have to fit my feet well to avoid blisters. We have a black Mums on the Run branded singlet that I wear on top. On the bottom I usually wear black running shorts, bike pants or leggings as I think they are the most flattering.

Q. I don’t run without …

Fiona: my Garmin watch (I like to know my pace, distance and time), visor and sunglasses (to keep the sun out my face) and my phone (for safety).

Alice: my Garmin because I love to know how far, fast and long I’ve been running.

Janie: my fists clenched because it makes me very determined to push hard to the finish.

Grace: my phone because it makes me feel safer running.

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