A Workout at the Reebok Delta Gym

What a morning of hard work and true grit looks like at the Reebok Delta Gym.

The author with Rob Forte, Tia Clair, Rachael Finch and Jenna Douros.

Earlier this icy Melbourne winter morning, a select few were invited to the Reebok Delta Gym – a gym built by Reebok athletes overnight. Located at The Dream Factory in Footscray, Melbourne, participants braved the cold to take part in an ultimate fitness test with some of the world’s most elite CrossFit athletes, including Rob Forte, Tia Clair and Jenna Douros.

Our 6.30am motivational push was headed by model, TV host, and fitness enthusiast Rachael Finch. Finch, who has a fitness app called B.O.D. by Rachael, knows a thing or two about motivaton and passion, and spoke about pushing hard and consistency as keys to our fitness journey. According to Reebok, our stories are written through our battles and mistakes, and through our tireless drive to get the most out of fitness.

The training session focused on movement, starting with a core workout, moving on to coordination and flow, and finishing with a CrossFit workout (and competition) to test our strength and drive.

The morning challenged us in more ways than one – the CrossFit competition at the end was the toughest seven minutes I’ve had in a while. But, as I said to my competition teammates, “We’ve got this!” The satisfaction of knowing you’ve given it your all is unbeatable. Dead set high fives all around!

Through our life experiences, we change… we become braver, stronger, kinder, wiser, we become… more human.


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