You Know You’re A Runner When _____.

Runners are often considered crazy, a different breed to non-runners.

While every runner has different motivations, we also share some typical runner’s quirks.

So we asked our Facebook fans what makes runners stand out from those who don’t feel the call to pound the pavement. Here are some of our favourite responses.

You know you’re a runner when __________.


Anna S. – “In your leave application at work you put “recovering from xyz race.”

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Mandy H – “You plan your weekends and holidays around running events.”

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Shakira A. – “You can barely walk because you’re about to have a baby and all you’re thinking about is hitting the tracks ASAP after bubs born. Got my running pram ready.”

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Charlene H. G. – You know you’re a runner when completely exhausting yourself on a run is the most relaxing part of the day.”

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Chris R. – “You’re laying on the couch on a Sunday night counting down the hours until your morning run…”

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Andres B. – “You find yourself running home from work (10km) on New Year’s Eve “just to fit in one more run for 2014.”





Xerxes M. – “10000 steps was a warmup.”

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Martin L. – “You go on vacation to another country and sign up for the first 10k you see coming up?”

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Rachael B. – “You procrastinate by going on a long run.”

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Read the rest of the Facebook responses here and join the conversation.

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