16 Ways People at the Gym Know You’re a Runner

It can be easy to spot a runner out of their natural habitat.

Let’s get real: when it comes to the gym, a majority of runners would much rather be out on the roads, a scenic trail, or repeating some loops on the track.

So, when runners do actually swipe their gym membership cards from time to time, it’s no surprise that they don’t always know how to behave – and may end up irritating every non-runner in the place.

We chatted with Janet Hamilton, an exercise physiologist, and Jacquelyn Brennan, a strength coach and marathoner, to identify some of the main ways runners can infuriate others in the gym. Consider this your list of what not to do.

Completely overtaking the gym on bad weather days.
If it’s freezing and pouring down with rain, then the gym’s going to be packed.


Stalking the treadmill section of the gym. 
There’s only one sturdy treadmill, and you’re going to keep your eye on that machine until it’s yours.

Wearing Garmins on the treadmill. 
There is a perfectly good display staring you in the face, just FYI. And that watch keeps beeping every kilometre.


Blatantly racing the ‘non-runner’ on the next treadmill.
Well, that was totally demoralising.

Going super long on the treadmill. 
Seriously, there’s a courtesy 60-minute time limit. Take your marathon training outside.

Snapping post-run selfies. 
Posed perfectly with your running shoes and the treadmill belt, of course.

Failing to properly wipe down the treadmill after a run.
Really? You sling sweat more than anyone else in the gym.


Complaining about not exercising outdoors. 
You won’t see anyone shed a tear for you. Some people actually want to be in the gym.

Doing curls with 2kg dumbbells. 
All of the lifters are holding back laughter. Big time. You can do a lot of other workouts to strengthen your whole body that help you more than the standard curl.


Hogging all of the foam rollers. 
You just spent 15 minutes getting those knots worked out of your calves.

Never getting out of breath during classes.
You just did a 45-minute spin class and you’re ready to keep going for a few extra kilometres on the treadmill.

Your shorts.
Why do they have to be soooo short?


Those eight pushups completely winded you.
Upper body strength is not your thing.


You have the worst flexibility in the whole gym.
Those tight hamstrings and poor warmup stretches are a dead giveaway.

You complain that you can’t run with your friends.
There is a treadmill right next to you that’s open.


Wearing yesterday’s running clothes. 
Everyone’s nose is well aware that you got in 10 kilometres yesterday.



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