5 Speedy Ways Runners Can Make the Most of 20 Minutes

There are days when life doesn’t go according to plan. Instead of letting those days derail your running, claim a small chunk of time for yourself by trying one of these 20-minute sanity savers.

Break up Your Run

Overloaded with chores? Go for a 20-minute run, spend 30 to 90 minutes doing dishes or laundry, then head out for another 20 minutes. Do up to three runs.

Up the Effort

Hill repeats and speedwork are quick stamina-builders. Warm up for five minutes and repeat one of these segments for 15 minutes: Ascend a hill that’s 200 meters long, jog down; or run 400 metres at 5K race pace, jog for a minute or two.

Lace up Anyway

Even though you’re already busy, hitting the road for a 20-minute run is better than nothing. A quick run keeps your muscles accustomed to the act of running, and after just five to 10 minutes, you start tapping into stored fat.

Recover in a Cold Tub

Sitting in an ice bath for 10 to 20 minutes after a hard workout helps reduce inflammation. Meanwhile, sip a sports drink that contains carbs and protein.

Take a Nap

Research shows that short naps decrease fatigue and improve alertness and cognitive performance. You need only 10 minutes of shut-eye to reap the benefits. In fact, sleeping for 10 minutes is superior to taking a 20- or 30-minute snooze because you’re less likely to be groggy or confused upon waking.

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