How to Avoid Hitting the Wall

Tips from Adam St. Pierre, ultrarunner and exercise physiologist:

“Avoiding the wall comes down to fuelling and training. Your brain senses when your stored carbohydrate levels are low and tells your body to slow. To avoid this, get 60 per cent of your kilojoules from carbs in the days before the race, with the rest a balance between protein and fat. Then, eat enough mid-race – 840 to 1255 kilojoules per hour from gels or sports drinks – starting 30 minutes in. The other type of wall involves cramps or fatigue: you’ve asked your muscles to work too hard for too long. Avoid this by getting your long runs in before you taper, and if you missed them, consider a slower goal pace or a shorter race,” says Adam St. Pierre, ultrarunner and exercise physiologist.

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