Follow The Leader: Braden Currie

Braden Currie, 29 of Wanaka, New Zealand, is the 2015 Xterra Asia Pacific Champion (1.5K ocean swim, 34K mountain bike and 10K trail run)


“Two weeks before an event, I do a cycling session with high cadence to help my body prepare for a run. This includes: 12 minutes at 3:20 to 3:25 pace, 2 minutes recovery, 8 minutes at 3.15 to 3.20, 2 minutes recovery, 4 minutes at 3.10 pace or faster, finishing off with a 10 minute easy ride.”


“I run on inclines to help activate and strengthen the muscles that are sometimes missed when training on flat surfaces. I focus on keeping my knees high when I’m climbing and planting my whole foot on the ground before I push off.”


“Between sessions I focus on recovery and rest. I ice bath, foam roll, have massages and wear compression socks. My diet is super clean during this time. I stay off coffee and load up on magnesium to give my adrenal glands a bit of a boost before I ask a lot of them.”

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