I’m a Runner: Theo Rossi


FIVE YEARS AGO, I was 96 kilos and looked like I could lift a car, but I couldn’t walk. My back hurt. I got a role as a meth addict that called for me to lose a lot of weight, and the best way to do that was running.

I LOST 19 KILOS in 12 weeks. I got hooked on running. I quit smoking and drinking. Nothing else had ever made me feel so clear.

SEASON TWO of Sons was intense for me, so before jumping on my motorcycle to go to work at 5.30am, I’d run at 3. It helped me deal with the day and become a better actor.

ALL OF MY WORK – the non-profits, the TV, my production company – none of it would exist if I didn’t run six days a week. Something happens to me when I run.

BECAUSE OF WORK, I’ve had to back out of many races. So, now, if there’s a really great run I want to do I’ll mimic it on my own time.

I GOT ROBBED on holiday. My girlfriend was upset that they took the first necklace I gave her, but all I could think about was that my Nike watch got stolen and I hadn’t uploaded my kilometres yet.

WHEN I RUN with my character’s Mohawk and tattoos, it’s like being Rocky, where people throw oranges to you. People stop me on the street. I pause my watch, let them take some pictures, and then I’m like, “Okay, gotta go.”

SOMETIMES I GET LOST on a run and I’ll just keep going. I get back and I’m like, Jesus, did I just run 26, 27 kilometres? You’re exhausted and you’re freezing and it becomes an adventure.

I RUN WITH MY DOG, Rocco. He’s a husky/wolf mix I found half-dead. Now he’s like the Fresh Prince. He pushes my pace and never wants to stop.

I’LL NEVER TAKE an escalator or an elevator if there are steps. It’ll be 26 floors, and people are like, “What’s wrong with you?” I always get there faster than they do.

RUNNING’S KIND OF saved my life. I’ve done everything, workout-wise, but with running there’s this specific feeling that comes with it that once you do it, you do it for life.

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